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IPG General Trade Catalog

Our primary frontlist catalog featuring adult titles on all subjects.

IPG General Trade Catalog

IPG General Trade Catalog PDF
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Fall 2022 Titles


Have a Little Faith
Have a Little Faith >
By Michael Elliott, Foreword by Elvis Costello
Price 19.99
Cash on Cash
Cash on Cash >
By Robert Burke Warren
Price 19.99
Prince on Prince
Prince on Prince >
By Arthur Lizie
Price 19.99
Never Silent
Never Silent >
By Peter Staley, Foreword by Anderson Cooper
Price 18.99
Overnight Code
Overnight Code >
By Paige Bowers, By David Montague
Price 18.99
Open Skies
Open Skies >
By Niloofar Rahmani, By Adam Sikes
Price 19.99
Trauma, Tresses, and Truth
Trauma, Tresses, and Truth >
By Lyzette Wanzer
Price 19.99
Both Sides of the Fire Line
Both Sides of the Fire Line >
By Bobbie Scopa
Price 28.99
An Angel in Sodom
An Angel in Sodom >
By Jim Elledge
Price 30.00
The Beatles 1963
The Beatles 1963 >
By Dafydd Rees
Price 36.99
Right Said Fred
Right Said Fred >
By Fred Fairbrass, By Richard Fairbrass
Price 24.99
Turan and Me
Turan and Me >
By Marco V. Masotti
Price 25.99
Find a Place for Me
Find a Place for Me >
By Deirdre Fagan
Price 17.95
Daughter of Spies
Daughter of Spies >
By Elizabeth Winthrop Alsop
Price 17.95
Morlocks in the Basement
Morlocks in the Basement >
By Carolyn Colburn, Edited by Cecilia Kennedy
Price 19.99
The Marco Chronicles
The Marco Chronicles >
By Elizabeth Geoghegan
Price 12.95
Without a Second Thought
Without a Second Thought >
By Diane Lorz Benitez
Price 17.95
God Sent Me
God Sent Me >
By Sharon Porterfield, By Douglas Wellman
Price 15.95
Gina Gerson
Gina Gerson >
By Valentina Dzherson
Price 24.99
The Scintillating Life of Iulia Hasdeu
The Scintillating Life of Iulia Hasdeu >
Translated by Diana Livesay, By Constantin Manolache, Introduction by A K Brackob
Price 29.99
Be Bold
Be Bold >
By Tom Sileo
Price 28.00

Comics & Graphic Novels

Assassin's Creed Dynasty, Volume 5
Assassin's Creed Dynasty, Volume 5 >
By Xu Xianzhe, By Zhang Xiao
Price 14.99
Formerly, the Fallen Daughter of the Duke, Volume 1
Formerly, the Fallen Daughter of the Duke, Volume 1 >
By Saki Ichibu, Illustrated by Ushio Shirotori
Price 12.99
Formerly, the Fallen Daughter of the Duke, Volume 2
Formerly, the Fallen Daughter of the Duke, Volume 2 >
By Saki Ichibu, Illustrated by Ushio Shirotori
Price 12.99
Scarlet Soul, Volume 3
Scarlet Soul, Volume 3 >
By (artist) Kira Yukishiro
Price 10.99
Mame Coordinate, Volume 3
Mame Coordinate, Volume 3 >
By Sachi Miyabe
Price 13.99
Mame Coordinate, Volume 4
Mame Coordinate, Volume 4 >
By Sachi Miyabe
Price 13.99
Loved Circus
Loved Circus >
By Nemui Asada
Price 14.99
Hyperventilation >
By Bboong Bbang Kkyu
Price 15.99
On or Off, Volume 1
On or Off, Volume 1 >
By A1
Price 19.99
On or Off, Volume 2
On or Off, Volume 2 >
By A1
Price 19.99
Yuri Espoir, Volume 2
Yuri Espoir, Volume 2 >
By Mai Naoi
Price 12.99
The Silent Invasion, The Complete Set
The Silent Invasion, The Complete Set >
By Larry Hancock, Illustrated by Michael Cherkas
Price 59.99
Dungeon: Early Years, vol. 3
Dungeon: Early Years, vol. 3 >
By Christophe Gaultier, By Joann Sfar, By Lewis Trondheim, By Stephane Oiry
Price 15.99
Algorithmic Reality
Algorithmic Reality >
Illustrated by David Sanchez, By Damian Bradfield
Price 17.99
Fists Raised
Fists Raised >
By Karim Nedjari, Illustrated by Chloe Celerien
Price 24.99
The Great Food in Comics Set
The Great Food in Comics Set >
By Franckie Alarcon
Price 39.99
Nichiren >
By Masahiko Murakami, Illustrated by Ken Tanaka
Price 14.95


American Rye
American Rye >
By Clay Risen
Price 29.95
The Modern Hippie Table
The Modern Hippie Table >
By Lauren Thomas, Photographs by Kristy Horst
Price 35.00

Crafts & Hobbies

Bead Embroidery
Bead Embroidery >
By Yu Han, By Yuxi Wang
Price 19.95
Mosaic Crochet
Mosaic Crochet >
By Ana Morais Soares
Price 21.95
Aquatic Amigurumi
Aquatic Amigurumi >
By Natasha Tishchenko
Price 19.95
Animal Friends of Pica Pau 3
Animal Friends of Pica Pau 3 >
By Yan Schenkel
Price 22.95


Super Cute Drawing Course
Super Cute Drawing Course >
By Tanja Geier
Price 21.95


Romania >
By Octavian Goga, By Ernest H. Latham, Jr, By Kurt Hielscher
Price 49.99

Performing Arts

Bring It On
Bring It On >
By Kase Wickman
Price 29.99
A World of Demons
A World of Demons >
Edited by Barnaby Edwards, Edited by David Bushman
Price 19.99
A Screenwriter's Companion
A Screenwriter's Companion >
By Joseph Dougherty
Price 19.99


All Things Must Pass Away
All Things Must Pass Away >
By Kenneth Womack, By Jason Kruppa
Price 18.99
Prine on Prine
Prine on Prine >
By Holly Gleason
Price 19.99
Tony Hadley
Tony Hadley >
By Tony Hadley
Price 28.99
Glam! >
By Mark Paytress
Price 45.00
The Moment Before the Music Begins
The Moment Before the Music Begins >
By Bill Lynch, By Lisa Campbell Albert, Foreword by Taylor Louderman
Price 12.99


Junie >
By Chelene Knight
Price 20.00
The Animals
The Animals >
By Cary Fagan
Price 20.00
Hunger Heart
Hunger Heart >
By Karen Fastrup, Translated by Marina Allemano
Price 21.00
Leave the Night to God
Leave the Night to God >
By R. L. Peterson
Price 16.95
Oranges for Magellan
Oranges for Magellan >
By Richard Martin
Price 20.95
Mirth >
By Kathleen George
Price 19.95
A Knit of Identity
A Knit of Identity >
By Chris Motto
Price 17.95
Delphic Oracle U.S.A.
Delphic Oracle U.S.A. >
By Steven Mayfield
Price 18.95
Loving the Dead and Gone
Loving the Dead and Gone >
By Judith Turner-Yamamoto
Price 17.95
Hemlock Hollow
Hemlock Hollow >
By Culley Holderfield
Price 18.95
Bughouse Blues
Bughouse Blues >
By Peter Thompson
Price 19.99
Some Months in 1968
Some Months in 1968 >
By Baron Wormser
Price 24.95
The Secrets of Ohnita Harbor
The Secrets of Ohnita Harbor >
By Patricia Crisafulli
Price 19.95
The Solar System
The Solar System >
By Gregory L. Norris
Price 19.95
Danny's Boys
Danny's Boys >
By Charley Heenan
Price 17.95
Love and Impediments
Love and Impediments >
By Stefka Marinova-Todd
Price 18.95
Emily >
By Eden Francis Compton, By Rachael Flanery
Price 18.95
It's Not Nothing
It's Not Nothing >
By Courtney Denelle
Price 15.95
Prophetess >
By Baharan Baniahmadi
Price 16.95
River of Wrath
River of Wrath >
By Alexandrea Weis, By Lucas Astor
Price 17.95
Write Christmas
Write Christmas >
By Thommy Hutson
Price 14.95
Christmas Wish Upon A Star
Christmas Wish Upon A Star >
By Susan Bagby
Price 17.99
Ancient Canada
Ancient Canada >
By Clinton Festa
Price 17.99
Son of the Salt Chaser
Son of the Salt Chaser >
By A. S. Thornton
Price 27.99
Son of the Salt Chaser
Son of the Salt Chaser >
By A. S. Thornton
Price 21.99
They Met in a Tavern
They Met in a Tavern >
By Elijah Menchaca
Price 17.99
Edited by Benjamin White, By Kali Metis
Price 19.99
The Oar of Odysseus
The Oar of Odysseus >
By Richard M. Bank
Price 19.99
Fear of the Minister's Justice
Fear of the Minister's Justice >
By Geoff Habiger, By Coy Kissee
Price 17.95
Maple Springs
Maple Springs >
By Pierre C Arseneault
Price 15.95
When the Night Bells Ring
When the Night Bells Ring >
By Jo Kaplan
Price 25.99
Accursed >
By Lisa Wood
Price 21.95
Dark Country
Dark Country >
By Monique Snyman
Price 27.95
The Christmas Spirit
The Christmas Spirit >
By Alexandrea Weis
Price 14.95
White Oaks
White Oaks >
By Jordan King
Price 19.99
Ask The Girl
Ask The Girl >
By Kim Bartosch
Price 19.95
The Registration
The Registration >
By Madison Lawson, Madison
Price 25.99
The Immortal Target
The Immortal Target >
By Jonas Saul
Price 17.95
Potential Energy
Potential Energy >
By Kim Fielding
Price 11.99
World Warden
World Warden >
By Albert Nothlit
Price 13.99
The Hallowed Covenant
The Hallowed Covenant >
By Franklin Veaux, By Eunice Hung
Price 16.95
Killing Jane
Killing Jane >
By Stacy Green
Price 16.95
Murder at Greysbridge
Murder at Greysbridge >
By Andrea Carter
Price 16.00
The OC
The OC >
By D. P. Lyle
Price 16.00
Doomed Legacy
Doomed Legacy >
By Matt Coyle
Price 27.95
Last Redemption
Last Redemption >
By Matt Coyle
Price 16.00
The Body Falls
The Body Falls >
By Andrea Carter
Price 27.95
Bombay Monsoon
Bombay Monsoon >
By James W. Ziskin
Price 27.95
Shadow Music
Shadow Music >
By Helaine Mario
Price 16.00
Head Shot
Head Shot >
By Otho Eskin
Price 16.00
Duplicity >
By Shawn Wilson
Price 27.95
It's News to Me
It's News to Me >
By R. G. Belsky
Price 27.95
Roman Roulette
Roman Roulette >
By David Downie
Price 19.99
The Secret Garden of Yanagi Inn
The Secret Garden of Yanagi Inn >
By Amber Logan
Price 26.99
The Disappearance of Trudy Solomon
The Disappearance of Trudy Solomon >
By Marcy McCreary
Price 16.99
The Photo Thief
The Photo Thief >
By J. Delozier
Price 26.99
The Dead Won't Tell
The Dead Won't Tell >
By S. K. Waters
Price 25.99
Her Sister's Death
Her Sister's Death >
By K. Murphy
Price 25.99
Paper Pirate
Paper Pirate >
By Dawn McIntyre
Price 19.99
Detached >
Edited by Cecilia Kennedy, By Alisa Burris
Price 21.99
Light on Bone
Light on Bone >
By Kathryn Lasky
Price 27.95
The Tears of Buddha
The Tears of Buddha >
By E. A. Allen
Price 24.99
Dead Woman's Revenge
Dead Woman's Revenge >
By Elle E Ire
Price 11.99
The Answers You Seek
The Answers You Seek >
By Shannon Yarbrough
Price 11.99
Landscape of Shadows
Landscape of Shadows >
By Kevin Doherty
Price 27.95
Mystic Wind
Mystic Wind >
By James Barretto
Price 27.95
Landslide >
By Adam Sikes
Price 27.95
The Iceman's Curse
The Iceman's Curse >
By Gary F. Jones
Price 18.95
Beneath the Marigolds
Beneath the Marigolds >
By Emily C. Whitson
Price 16.99
The Ghosts of Thorwald Place
The Ghosts of Thorwald Place >
By Helen Power
Price 17.99
An Unlikely Asset
An Unlikely Asset >
By Tom Hutton
Price 18.95
Angel of Ambition
Angel of Ambition >
By Glenn Kaplan
Price 19.95
The Munich List
The Munich List >
By Alton Brunswick
Price 29.99
God's Kettledrum
God's Kettledrum >
By Kenneth Kuenster
Price 29.99
Deadly Secrets
Deadly Secrets >
By M.K. Stoddard
Price 17.99
A Deadly Mermaid Fetish
A Deadly Mermaid Fetish >
By Pamela Mones
Price 19.95
Dying Art
Dying Art >
By Joe Kilgore
Price 19.99
Life Between Seconds
Life Between Seconds >
By Douglas Weissman
Price 29.99
The Suit
The Suit >
By Amy Lane
Price 11.99
In the Weeds
In the Weeds >
By Andrew Grey
Price 11.99
The Seashell of 'Ohana
The Seashell of 'Ohana >
By Mary Ting
Price 14.95
When the Wind Chimes
When the Wind Chimes >
By Mary Ting
Price 14.95
The Other Half
The Other Half >
By Lisa Dewald
Price 17.99
The Crossing
The Crossing >
By Ashby Jones
Price 19.99
Rambling with Rebah
Rambling with Rebah >
By Addison J. Chapple, By Andi Diehn
Price 18.95
A Bach Concert
A Bach Concert >
By Hortensia Papadat-Bengescu, Translated by Gabi Reigh, Illustrated by Olga Rogozenco
Price 39.99
Three Muses
Three Muses >
By Martha Anne Toll
Price 18.95
Ninety Day Wonder
Ninety Day Wonder >
By Lynn Ellen Doxon
Price 16.95
The Light from the Dark Side of the Moon
The Light from the Dark Side of the Moon >
By Norman G. Gautreau
Price 18.95
Looking for Garbo
Looking for Garbo >
By Jon James Miller
Price 16.95
The Lost Diary of Anne Frank
The Lost Diary of Anne Frank >
By Johnny Teague
Price 19.99
The Devil Hound
The Devil Hound >
By Franklin E. Lamca
Price 19.95
A Lady Newspaperman's Dilemma
A Lady Newspaperman's Dilemma >
By Eileen Joyce Donovan
Price 19.95
Ranshin >
By Tetsuo Ted Takashima
Price 17.95
Olympia >
By John Martino, Foreword by Alexis Lyras
Price 19.99
Of Ashes and Dust
Of Ashes and Dust >
By Ron Roman
Price 29.99
A Woman of Valor
A Woman of Valor >
By Fred Skolnik
Price 34.99
The Other Side of the Gangplank
The Other Side of the Gangplank >
By Linda Jo Heffner
Price 17.95
Will Chase, "The Black Hills"
Will Chase, "The Black Hills" >
By Robert Lee Primeaux
Price 14.95
Believe >
By Cathy Sanders
Price 16.99
Into the Forest
Into the Forest >
By Christina Henry, Edited by Lindy Ryan
Price 15.95
After Realism
After Realism >
Edited by André Forget, By Casey Plett, By Jessica Johns
Price 18.95
Running Wild Novella Anthology, Volume 5
Running Wild Novella Anthology, Volume 5 >
By Gabrielle Rupert, By Riva Riley, Edited by Peter Wright, By Brian Philip Katz
Price 21.99
Running Wild Novella Anthology, Volume 6
Running Wild Novella Anthology, Volume 6 >
By David Claeson, Edited by Lisa Kastner, By Syrena Clark, By Samuel Bollen
Price 21.99
Running Wild Anthology of Stories
Running Wild Anthology of Stories >
By David Fitzpatrick, By Emily Castles, By Aimee LaBrie, By J.T. Townley, Edited by Benjamin White, By Anastasia Jill, By Jonathan Maberry, By Andy McQuestin, By Charissa Roberson, By Lauren Lang, By Nikolas Thornton, By Kali Metis, By Asya Marie, By Wes Choc, By Matt Hardman, By Anna Idelevich, By Harold Hoss, By Peter Roxburgh
Price 21.99
Delirium's Muse
Delirium's Muse >
By Michaël Wertenberg
Price 19.99

True Crime

Boys Enter the House
Boys Enter the House >
By David Nelson
Price 19.99
Giovanni's Ring
Giovanni's Ring >
By Giovanni Rocco, With Douglas Schofield
Price 18.99

Literary Collections & Criticism

A Mind Full of Music
A Mind Full of Music >
By Chris Forhan
Price 18.95
A Tale of Two Villains
A Tale of Two Villains >
By Calvin H. Cherry
Price 27.99


The Secret Thoughts of Birds
The Secret Thoughts of Birds >
By CJ Rose
Price 12.95
I Screwed Up! Now What?
I Screwed Up! Now What? >
By Josh Bacon
Price 16.99


Artemis Made Me Do It
Artemis Made Me Do It >
By Trista Mateer
Price 16.99
Girl Made of Glass
Girl Made of Glass >
By Shelby Leigh
Price 16.99
To Drown as a Cure for Thirst
To Drown as a Cure for Thirst >
By Blake Auden
Price 16.99
Vox Humana
Vox Humana >
By Adebe DeRango-Adem
Price 18.00
Learned >
By Carellin Brooks
Price 18.00
tend >
By Kate Hargreaves
Price 18.00
Worth More Standing
Worth More Standing >
Edited by Christine Lowther
Price 22.95
Larder >
By Rhona McAdam
Price 16.00
Infinity Network
Infinity Network >
By Jim Johnstone
Price 16.95
Mother Muse
Mother Muse >
By Lorna Goodison
Price 16.95

Games & Activity

Jumble® Time Machine 1972
Jumble® Time Machine 1972 >
By Tribune Content Agency LLC
Price 10.95
Christmas Jumble®
Christmas Jumble® >
By Tribune Content Agency LLC
Price 10.95

Sports & Recreation

Cover Story
Cover Story >
By Alex Wong, By Russ Bengtson
Price 18.95
The Midrange Theory
The Midrange Theory >
By Seth Partnow
Price 16.95
Spaced Out
Spaced Out >
By Mike Prada
Price 30.00
By the Grace of the Game
By the Grace of the Game >
By Dan Grunfeld, Foreword by Ray Allen
Price 20.00
Lessons from Lute
Lessons from Lute >
By Steve Rivera, Foreword by Luke Walton
Price 28.00
Championship Behaviors
Championship Behaviors >
By Hugh McCutcheon, Foreword by Thad Levine
Price 28.00
The Year's Best Sports Writing 2022
The Year's Best Sports Writing 2022 >
Edited by J.A. Adande, With Glenn Stout
Price 19.95
The Idealist
The Idealist >
By Jonathan Gelber, By Seneca Wallace
Price 28.00
Tim Grunhard: View from the Center
Tim Grunhard: View from the Center >
By Tim Grunhard, Foreword by Carl Peterson
Price 30.00
The Program: Alabama
The Program: Alabama >
By Aaron Suttles
Price 28.00
The Road to Texas
The Road to Texas >
By Mike Roach
Price 19.95
On the Clock: Pittsburgh Steelers
On the Clock: Pittsburgh Steelers >
By Jim Wexell
Price 19.95
On the Clock: Dallas Cowboys
On the Clock: Dallas Cowboys >
By Calvin Watkins
Price 19.95
100 Things Commanders Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die
100 Things Commanders Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die >
By Rick Snider, Foreword by Charles Casserly
Price 16.95
Five Laterals and a Trombone
Five Laterals and a Trombone >
By Tyler Bridges
Price 28.00
A Lucky Life
A Lucky Life >
By Steve Simmons
Price 24.95
Game Misconduct
Game Misconduct >
By Evan F. Moore, By Jashvina Shah, Foreword by Renee Hess
Price 16.95
Bernie Nicholls
Bernie Nicholls >
By Bernie Nicholls, By Ross McKeon, By Wayne Gretzky
Price 30.00
Marián Hossa
Marián Hossa >
By Marian Hossa, By Scott Powers
Price 30.00
Chris Therien
Chris Therien >
By Chris Therien, By Wayne Fish
Price 28.00
Matthew Barnaby
Matthew Barnaby >
By Matthew Barnaby, By Derek Sanderson
Price 28.00
Ed Snider
Ed Snider >
By Alan Bass
Price 28.00
Shawn Thornton
Shawn Thornton >
By Shawn Thornton, By Dale Arnold
Price 16.95
Odd Man In
Odd Man In >
By Stephen Whyno
Price 26.95
Rising From the Deep
Rising From the Deep >
By Geoff Baker
Price 28.00
On the Clock: Detroit Red Wings
On the Clock: Detroit Red Wings >
By Helene St. James
Price 19.95
On the Clock: Toronto Maple Leafs
On the Clock: Toronto Maple Leafs >
By Scott Wheeler
Price 17.95
On the Clock: Edmonton Oilers
On the Clock: Edmonton Oilers >
By Allan Mitchell
Price 19.95

Business & Economics

Buy & Build CEO
Buy & Build CEO >
By Ted Clark
Price 22.95
The Servant Leadership from the Middle
The Servant Leadership from the Middle >
By Bernard Osborne
Price 19.95
Cycling the Route des Grandes Alpes
Cycling the Route des Grandes Alpes >
By Giles Belbin
Price 24.95


Camino de Santiago - Via Podiensis
Camino de Santiago - Via Podiensis >
By Dave Whitson
Price 27.95
Trekking the GR20 Corsica
Trekking the GR20 Corsica >
By Paddy Dillon
Price 27.95
Walking the Brittany Coast Path
Walking the Brittany Coast Path >
By Carroll Dorgan
Price 27.95
Walking in the Aosta Valley
Walking in the Aosta Valley >
By Andy Hodges
Price 27.95
Along Interstate-75, 21st Edition
Along Interstate-75, 21st Edition >
Edited by Kathy Hunter, By Dave Hunter
Price 31.95


Among Tigers
Among Tigers >
By K. Ullas Karanth
Price 30.00
Imminent Domains
Imminent Domains >
By Alessandra Naccarato
Price 20.00
A Naturalist's Guide to the Lizards of Southeast Asia
A Naturalist's Guide to the Lizards of Southeast Asia >
By Jordi Janssen, By Emerson Sy
Price 39.99
Otters Dance
Otters Dance >
By Bob Budd
Price 18.95
A A Year of Moons
A A Year of Moons >
By Joeseph Bruchac
Price 18.95
Pressed Plants
Pressed Plants >
By Linda P.J. Lipsen, Illustrated by Derek Tan
Price 19.95


Tree With Golden Apples
Tree With Golden Apples >
By Susan Strauss
Price 35.00


The New Global Possible
The New Global Possible >
By Ani Dasgupta, By James A. Harmon
Price 26.99


Touring and Mental Health
Touring and Mental Health >
By Tamsin Embleton
Price 55.99
Puswhisperer 6
Puswhisperer 6 >
By Mark Crislip
Price 16.99

Family & Relationships

Baby and Toddler Basics
Baby and Toddler Basics >
By Tanya D Altmann, MD
Price 16.95
Raising Kids Who Choose Safety
Raising Kids Who Choose Safety >
By David C. Schwebel
Price 18.99
The Read Aloud Factor
The Read Aloud Factor >
By Rekha S. Rajan
Price 18.99
Black Snowflakes Smothering A Torch
Black Snowflakes Smothering A Torch >
By Ryan Stovall
Price 14.95


Hate and Reconciliation
Hate and Reconciliation >
By Guido Cuyvers
Price 29.99


Nonviolent Communication Toolkit for Facilitators
Nonviolent Communication Toolkit for Facilitators >
By Judi Morin, By Raj Gill, By Lucy Leu
Price 29.95
Complicated Grief:
Complicated Grief: >
By Alan Wolfelt
Price 9.95

Social Science

Working 9 to 5
Working 9 to 5 >
By Ellen Cassedy, Foreword by Jane Fonda
Price 28.99
Dream Rooms
Dream Rooms >
By River Halen
Price 20.00
Letters in Black and White
Letters in Black and White >
By Jennifer Richmond, By Winkfield Twyman, Jr.
Price 27.95
Toward a More Perfect Union
Toward a More Perfect Union >
By Timothy S. Goeglein
Price 22.00

Body, Mind & Spirit

Dreaming on the Page
Dreaming on the Page >
By Tzivia Gover
Price 18.95
My Child Is Sick!
My Child Is Sick! >
By Barton D Schmitt, MD
Price 16.95

Health & Fitness

The Pegging Book
The Pegging Book >
By Cooper S. Beckett, By Lyndzi Miller, Foreword by Tristan Taormino
Price 19.95


Aging Gracelessly
Aging Gracelessly >
By Tom Bennett
Price 29.99


Mindset Choices
Mindset Choices >
By Linda Weber
Price 17.00
Against All Tides
Against All Tides >
By Marv Truhe
Price 28.99
The Knights of the Golden Circle in Texas
The Knights of the Golden Circle in Texas >
By Randolph W. Farmer
Price 29.99
Histories, Territories and Laws of the Kitwancool
Histories, Territories and Laws of the Kitwancool >
By Maggie Good (Less-say-gu), By B.W. McKilvington (Wee-ks-se-guh), Foreword by Glen Williams (Malii), Translated by Constance Cox, By Peter Williams (Gu-gul-gow), By Walter Derrick (Gam-gak-men-muk), Edited by Wilson Duff, By Solomon Good (Gam-lak-yeltqu), By Walter Douse (Gwass-lam), By Ernest Smith (Wee-kha), By Fred Good (Neas-la-ga-naws)
Price 19.95
How Progressivism Destroyed Venezuela
How Progressivism Destroyed Venezuela >
By Elizabeth Rogliani
Price 19.99
Kingdom of Sicily 1130-1266
Kingdom of Sicily 1130-1266 >
By Louis Mendola, By Jacqueline Alio
Price 48.00

Political Science

How Hitchens Can Save the Left
How Hitchens Can Save the Left >
By Matt Johnson
Price 17.95
Step Up to Run
Step Up to Run >
By Dionne Ybarra, By Delaine Eastin, By Myel Jenkins, By Jackie Smith, By Tara Sreekrishnan
Price 15.95
Why Political Democracy Must Go
Why Political Democracy Must Go >
By John Reed, Introduction by A.K. Brackob
Price 18.99


Networks Rising
Networks Rising >
By Christopher Burns
Price 29.99
Power BI for the Excel Analyst
Power BI for the Excel Analyst >
By Wyn Hopkins
Price 39.95
MrExcel 2022
MrExcel 2022 >
By Bill Jelen
Price 34.95