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IPG Art Catalog

Our frontlist art catalog featuring a variety of titles on art ranging from academic to trade titles.

IPG Art Catalog

IPG Art Catalog PDF
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Fall 2022 Titles


Safe as Houses
Safe as Houses >
By Rachel Armstrong
Price 44.99
Dennis Creffield
Dennis Creffield >
By Richard Cork
Price 79.99
Nick Eldridge
Nick Eldridge >
By Dominic Bradbury
Price 79.99
Remote Practices
Remote Practices >
By Matthew Mindrup, By Lilian Chee
Price 99.99


Dressed >
By Claire Regnault
Price 58.99
Railway Studios
Railway Studios >
By Richard Wolfe, By Peter Alsop, By Neil Atkinson, By Katherine Milburn
Price 58.99


Paul Uwe Dreyer
Paul Uwe Dreyer >
By Simone Schimpf, By Andreas Baur, By Reinhard Döhl, By Ulrike Gauss, Edited by Anja Rumig, By Dorit Schäfer, By Holger Kube Ventura, By Bernhard Kerber, By Heinz Fuchs
Price 79.95

Australian & Oceanian

Everywhere, Everywhen
Everywhere, Everywhen >
By Dindy Vaughan, By Luisa Adam
Price 75.00

Collections, Catalogs, Exhibitions

Cristina Lucas
Cristina Lucas >
Edited by Frédéric Bußmann, Edited by Sabine Maria Schmidt, By Miguel Caballero, By Katerina Gregos
Price 33.99
Fiona Rae
Fiona Rae >
By Terry R. Myers
Price 27.99
The Art of Society 1900–1945
The Art of Society 1900–1945 >
Edited by Irina Hiebert Grun, By Johanna Yeats, By Maike Steinkamp, Edited by Joachim Jäger, Edited by Dieter Scholz
Price 33.99
Vera Mercer
Vera Mercer >
By Matthias Harder, By Sergio Fabio Berardini
Price 32.99
Robbie Cornelissen
Robbie Cornelissen >
By Johan Holten, By Thomas Köllhofer, By Bart Rutte
Price 32.99
Karsten Konrad
Karsten Konrad >
Edited by Alexander Ochs, By Martin Conrads, By Ulrike Pennewitz
Price 48.95
Ugo Rondinone
Ugo Rondinone >
By Erik Verhagen
Price 22.99
Rita Angus
Rita Angus >
By Lizzie Bisley
Price 34.99
Freigeister >
By Christophe Gallois, By Nathalie Roelens, By François Thiry, By Marie-Noëlle Farcy, By Magali Nachtergael, By Clément Minighetti, By Valérie Tholl, By Carole Schmit, By Sarah Beaumont, By Jean Portante
Price 40.99
Culture as Scandal
Culture as Scandal >
By Geraldine Norman, By Mikhail Piotrovsky
Price 59.99
Nga Tai Whakarongorua | Encounters
Nga Tai Whakarongorua | Encounters >
By Rebecca Rice, By Matariki Williams
Price 24.99

Museum Studies

Curating Art Now
Curating Art Now >
By Lilian Cameron
Price 34.99

Conservation & Preservation

The Back of the Painting
The Back of the Painting >
By Sarah Hillary, By Linda Waters, By Jenny Sherman
Price 39.99

Art & Politics

Plants & Animals

Woodland Imagery in Northern Art, c. 1500 - 1800
Woodland Imagery in Northern Art, c. 1500 - 1800 >
By Leopoldine van Hogendorp Prosperetti
Price 69.99


Bernini and His World
Bernini and His World >
By Livio Pestilli
Price 99.99
Vermeer and the Art of Love
Vermeer and the Art of Love >
By Aneta Georgievska-Shine
Price 59.99
Memory Art in the Contemporary World
Memory Art in the Contemporary World >
By Andreas Huyssen
Price 49.99
Rudolph Ihlee
Rudolph Ihlee >
By James Trollope
Price 69.99

Individual Artists/Artists' Books

Fabian Treiber
Fabian Treiber >
By Carolin Leistenschneider, By Philipp Haverkampf, By Invar-Torre Hollaus
Price 38.99
Rita Angus
Rita Angus >
By Jill Trevelyan
Price 51.99
Shara Hughes
Shara Hughes >
By Gesine Borcherdt, By Barry Schwabsky, By Isabelle Graw, By Eric Troncy
Price 66.99
Robin White
Robin White >
By Sarah Farrar, By Nina Tonga, By Jill Trevelyan
Price 58.99

Sculpture & Installation

William Turnbull
William Turnbull >
Foreword by Nicholas Serota, Edited by Jon Wood
Price 89.99


Nature — Stilled
Nature — Stilled >
By Jane Ussher
Price 58.99
Anders Goldfarb
Anders Goldfarb >
By Bonnie Yochelson
Price 40.99