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Invincible Days
Invincible Days

Invincible Days


128 Pages, 9 x 6

Formats: Cloth, PDF

Cloth, $19.99 (US $19.99) (CA $23.99)

Publication Date: September 2014

ISBN 9781561639014

Rights: WOR X UK

NBM Publishing (Sep 2014)
NBM ComicsLit

Price: $19.99


This collection of short stories forms a singular narrative that reveals the tiny moments when you realize you are at the precious end-days of youth. Calling on memories from his own childhood as well as those gathered from friends and family, author and artist Patrick Atangan's work blends stories with strong psychological elements and insight with simple artwork evocative of youth. Bittersweet, joyful and reflective, these are the type of marking moments that best define us as adults.


"The nostalgia can go to beautiful places, and some of the stories are funny and weird. . . . While many of the stories here are familiar, the unusual presentation forces readers to take a step back from their universality." —Publishers Weekly

"Startling depth of character. An elegant work that successfully transforms deeply personal moments into a meaningful exploration of the universal feelings of coming-of-age." —Francisca Goldsmith, Booklist

Author Biography

Patrick Atangan is a graphic artist and the acclaimed author of TheSilk Tapestry, Tree of Love, and The Yellow Jar. He lives in Los Angeles.