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Integrated Urban Agriculture
Integrated Urban Agriculture

Integrated Urban Agriculture

Precedents, Practices, Prospects


374 Pages, 6 x 9

Trade Paper, $34.95 (US $34.95) (CA $41.95)

Publication Date: July 2016

ISBN 9780993370625

Rights: WOR X UK & EUR

Libri Publishing (Jul 2016)
Green Frigate Books

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Intended as a “one stop shop” of a veritable who’s who of leading urban agriculture authors and scholars, this book brings together seventeen contributions on the design, development, science, and society of the rapidly expanding, multi-disciplinary field.


All from an anonymous, expert reviewer of the MS draft: This is an exciting interdisciplinary approach by a well-coordinated, closely working team. The book is accessible, well written, free of jargon, and full of pictures, graphics and charts. In all fairness, this is one of the most exciting and innovative books on urban agriculture I have seen in recent years. It combines original papers and commentary/reflections to them which make it a perfect candidate for class discussions. This volume is as much about imagining urban and urbanism as urban agriculture. In this sense people in social sciences, urban studies, environmental studies, architecture and urban planning will find this book very useful. This is an exceptional international, interdisciplinary, expert dream team. Many of these authors have already been recognized as key contributors to this literature. However, the way the book is designed -- as a conversation among a group of scholars, thinkers, authors -- allows fresh new insights and adds vibrancy to this volume. It is not a simple how to do UA book. It is a thoughtful book about re-imagining urban living, urban livelihoods, urban culture through urban agriculture. This is a fun book. If I would keep a few books on urban agriculture in my personal library this is definitely one of them. It is the outcome of a workshop and went through many edits and commentaries. It is ready to go. I would consider this as a key contribution to urban agriculture, urban design, planning and agricultural urbanism.

Author Biography

Robert France is the Watershed Management Professor at Dalhousie University and a science advisor to the Center of Technology and the Environment at Harvard University. Dr. France is a series editor at CRC Press focusing on Integrative Studies in Water Management and Land Development and is an acquisition editor for environmental theory at Green Frigate Books. He has authored over 180 publications in peer-reviewed international journals as well as 17 books on various aspects of water management, landscape architecture, land-use planning, and environmental theory.