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Insurgent Supremacists
Insurgent Supremacists

Insurgent Supremacists

The U.S. Far Right’s Challenge to State and Empire



384 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $24.95 (US $24.95) (CA $32.95)

Publication Date: June 2018

ISBN 9781629635118

Rights: WOR X UK & EUR

PM Press (Jun 2018)

Price: $24.95


A fascinating study of America's relationship to right-wing extremism, including the Trump administration

Matthew N. Lyons takes readers on a tour of neonazis and Christian theocrats, by way of the patriot movement, the LaRouchites, and the alt-right. Supplementing this, thematic sections explore specific dimensions of far-right politics, regarding gender, decentralism, and anti-imperialism. His final chapter offers a preliminary analysis of the Trump presidential administration relationship with far-right politics and the organized far right's shifting responses to it. Both for its analysis and as a guide to our opponents, Insurgent Supremacists promises to be a powerful tool in organizing to resist the forces at the cutting edge of reaction today.


"Drawing on deep expertise and years of experience tracking the shifting constellations of the insurrectionist right, Matthew Lyons guides readers through the history, ideology, and agendas of these seemingly obscure but increasingly powerful political forces in America. If you want to understand them, you need to read this book." —Mark Rupert, author, Ideologies of Globalization: Contending Visions of a New World Order

"A brilliant exploration of the U.S. far right today and its many different strains. In wonderfully clearheaded, deeply researched prose, Matthew N. Lyons provides a cogent and innovative analysis of far-right movements, using historical examination and his own contemporary reporting to expose surprising truths about the far right's base, motivations, and ambivalent relationship to capitalism. A vital resource for anyone who wants to fight the alt-right and other 'insurgent supremacists' in our midst." —Donna Minkowitz, author, Ferocious Romance: What My Encounters with the Right Taught Me about Sex, God, and Fury

"Bold and brilliant in its scholarship and ideological framing, Lyons challenges all of us who yearn for real democracy to step up to meet the challenge of the neofascist threat." —Chip Berlet, editor, Eye's Right! Challenging the Right Wing Backlash 

"Writing by writing, Matthew Lyons has filled in the face of the new far right for us. It's facts he brings, not internet hot air. In this strange moment, we all need Lyons's work more than ever." —J. Sakai, author, Settlers: Mythology of the White Proletariat from Mayflower to Modern

"Insurgent Supremacists is one of the best overviews of the recent U.S. Far Right, and a useful corrective to sloppy popular accounts. Lyons takes the reader on a lively tour through the Far Right's twists and turns, keeping a critical eye on the role of gender, while highlighting the movement's unusual elements like decentralization and anti-imperialism." —Spencer Sunshine, author, Up in Arms: A Guide to Oregon's Patriot Movement

"Insurgent Supremacists: The US Far Right's Challenge to State and Empire, is a deeply needed work." —

"One of the key points Matthew N. Lyons details in his book Insurgent Supremacists: The U.S. Far Right's Challenge to State and Empire is that the right wing is composed of groups with different historical roots. Trump, Lyons argues in this interview, is a right-wing populist." —

"Progressive Pick of the Week: In his new book, Insurgent Supremacists: The U.S. Far Right's Challenge to State and Empire, Matthew N. Lyons takes issue with the notion that the far right is a united force. Lyons dissects what is different and what is the same about groups that have varying visions of what is the priority in governance vis-à-vis the status quo of the state."  —

Author Biography

Matthew N. Lyons has been writing about right-wing politics for over 25 years. He writes regularly for Three Way Fight, a radical anti-fascist blog, and his work has also appeared in The Guardian, New Politics, Socialism and Democracy, teleSUR, Upping the Anti, and other publications. He is co-author Right-Wing Populism in America and author of Arier, Patriarchen, Übermenschen: die extreme Rechte in den USA.