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In Search of Sticks
In Search of Sticks

In Search of Sticks


362 Pages

EPUB, $3.99 (US $3.99) (CA $4.99)

Publication Date: October 2013

ISBN 9781927559215

Rights: WOR

Promontory Press Inc. (Oct 2013)

Not yet published. Ships 10/1/2013.


In Search of Sticks simultaneously challenges the intellect while surfacing raw emotional response. James, by the standards one generally uses to measure a life, is accomplished. Still, he twists. What if, in the final analysis, it ends up being as much about that which wasn’t done rather than just what was acted upon? Paths are chosen. Steps are taken. A compelling parallel story unfolds–Hope’s African existence. It was emphatically stated that “God does not have favorites.” But is this true? A picture is painted and its canvas is littered with the likenesses of disease and poverty and the images of those trapped in the geography of violence. Despite the forms of tragedy that present themselves, this story is full of hope. The victories are told in the small tales and the sheer numbers who do not sell their souls.

Author Biography

Randy Kaneen’s concerns have consistently focused on issues of truth and equity, be they environmental, cultural or social. Literature is a true joy in his life and all efforts have been to write thought-stimulating stories. He is a husband, retired educator, and father of three adult children. He resides in Victoria, BC.