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If You're City, If You're Country
If You're City, If You're Country
If You're City, If You're CountryIf You're City, If You're Country | Alt 1

If You're City, If You're Country


104 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $19.99 (US $19.99) (CA $26.99)

Publication Date: August 2018

ISBN 9781947026162

Rights: WOR

BMG Books (Aug 2018)

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New hilarity (written, sung, and illustrated) from the viral purveyor of "country humor"

Earl Dibbles Jr. is the comic alter-ego of country singer Granger Smith. With a social media following of 3.5 million fans, and nearly 50 million views of his official YouTube videos, Earl's followers can't get enough of his take on country life. In this illustrated book, the cartoon version of Earl walks through 50 different scenarios, comparing and contrasting how city folks and country folks do things differently. If you're city, life usually comes with a dip in the road. If you're country, life usually comes with a dip in the mouth. In his very first book, Earl pontificates on fast food, huntin', fishin', shootin' the breeze, neighborliness, and politics (one tick is bad enough, but a pile of 'em is a whole lot worse). He reminds us that some terms mean different things to city boys than they do to country boys. To city folks, for example, 4x4 equals 16. To country folks, it's the only way out of the mud hole. If a country boy's in a deer stand in December, he's gonna say "Ooh Burr," but, to a city boy, that's how you get around when you want to leave your smart car at home. From hipsters to hip-stirs, and different ways of chasin' a buck, Earl's hilarious take on the country versus city debate will have diehard fans and new converts regularly returning for a good laugh. Earl says this is the last book you'll need to complete your collection of fine bathroom reading. And if you don't read so good, there's plenty of amazing full color illustrations for your entertainment. As an added bonus, If You're City, If You're Country includes a CD with Earl reading the audiobook and performing five of his greatest hits: "The Country Boy Song," "Country Boy Love," "City Boy Stuck," "Merica," and "Don't Tread on Me."


"Before anyone had any idea who Granger Smith was, Earl Dibbles Jr. was the king of the Internet. A purveyor of sassy country memes and parody videos, Dibbles is Smith's longtime alter-ego, a character created by the Dallas singer and his brother as a sort of tongue-in-cheek celebration of rural life." —Dallas Observer

Author Biography

Earl Dibbles Jr. is a country boy. He knows everything there is to know 'bout the country and all he cares to know 'bout the city. Yee Yee!