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How You Can Kill Al Qaeda
How You Can Kill Al Qaeda

How You Can Kill Al Qaeda

(In 3 Easy Steps)


75 Pages, 5 x 7

Trade Paper, $9.95 (US $9.95) (CA $10.95)

Publication Date: September 2009

ISBN 9780971407657

Rights: WOR

Light Of New Orleans Publishing (Sep 2009)

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A call to action for eradicating this renowned terrorist organization

Offering an alternative to conventional, ineffective methods of shutting down Al Qaeda, this handbook unlocks the secrets of the organization and provides a simple strategy for disempowering the terrorists via the internet. The practical, populist formula calls for individuals to identify, translate, and disseminate persuasive and independent counter-Al Qaeda messages online—using the primary media on which Al Qaeda spreads their communications. It is through the yet-to-be challenged online messaging to the Muslim public that Al Qaeda garners its critical financial and moral support and future recruits. Using the information and tools provided in the text, individuals as well as organizations—internet-savvy or not—can help drown out the pervasive pro-Al Qaeda propaganda.


"The slim size (fewer than 60 pages) of Howard Clark's book belies its ambitious goal. The book echoes much of the latest thinking in the counterterrorism and intelligence community regarding the best way to fight al Qaeda over the long haul. Clark's answer is to both amplify the nihilism of its message and promote moderate Islamic voices." —U.S. News & Weekly Report

Author Biography

Howard Clark has served as a senior intelligence analyst for counter-radicalization at the Department of Homeland Security and as a presidential policy analyst. A former U.S. marine officer, he led intelligence operations in Iraq and commanded more than 40 counterterrorism missions for the CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency. He lives in Washington, DC.

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