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Honeybee in the Garden

Honeybee in the Garden

Celebrated artist Debra Band fuses her fascination with traditional Jewish spirituality and scholarship with the noble tradition of illuminated manuscript art—using fine calligraphy, color, gold and papercutting—in the books she publishes through Honeybee in the Garden, LLC. Each exquisitely produced volume of biblical text and Jewish tradition offers sumptuous artwork and clear commentaries by Band and leading scholars to elucidate both the texts and the intricate symbolism in every gem-like page. Visual pleasure and intellectual excitement marry in these books, perfectly tailored for the Jewish life-cycle celebration gift markets. More information may be found at

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Titles Found: 4
All the World Praises You
All the World Praises You (2 Formats) >
Translated by Arnold J. Band, By Debra Band

Cloth ISBN 9780985799670

Cloth Price 19.99

Cloth, PDF

Arise! Arise! Deborah, Ruth and Hannah
Arise! Arise! Deborah, Ruth and Hannah (4 Formats) >
By Debra Band, By Arnold Band, Foreword by Adele Berlin, Illustrated by Debra Band

Cloth ISBN 9780985799601

Cloth Price 39.95

Cloth, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Kabbalat Shabbat
Kabbalat Shabbat >
By Debra Band, Preface By Arthur Green, Foreword by Jonathan Sacks, By Raymond P. Scheindlin

ISBN 9780985799649

Price 49.95


Kabbalat Shabbat: the Grand Unification
Kabbalat Shabbat: the Grand Unification >
By Debra Band, Foreword by Jonathan Sacks, By Raymond P. Scheindlin

ISBN 9780985799656

Price 39.95

Trade Paper