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Hedging Demystified
Hedging Demystified

Hedging Demystified

How to Balance Risk and Protect Profit



192 Pages, 6 x 9

Trade Paper, $21.99 (US $21.99) (CA $29.99)

Publication Date: July 2019

ISBN 9780985624873

Rights: US & CA

Open Road Press (Jul 2019)

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Hedging Demystified is an essential guide to any business that deals with commodities, debt, international trade, or weather. This primer on hedging brings clarity and direction to make your business more sustainable. Written for a businessperson by a businessperson, this book contains clear illustrations of how futures, options, and swaps work to curb risk, covering such topics as: the mechanics of hedging, how to achieve more predictable earnings amid unpredictable circumstances, commodity prices, interest rates, foreign currency, and more. 


Marty White, Retired Audit Principal, a regional CPA firm “I’ve witnessed Tim Bishop’s expertise and professionalism for years. As the partner in charge of auditing the company where he ran a mission-critical hedge program, I know he has the knowledge and skill to explain a complex topic like hedging in an understandable way. I read this book and it does just that.”

Bob Moore, Chairman and CEO, Dead River Company “We had the benefit of Tim’s unique skills, perspective and financial advice for many years. In a phrase, ‘Tim has been there, done that.’ This is a comprehensive and useful book, one which will truly assist specialized financial managers as well as operators who face commodity price and supply risks.”

Heather Bergeron, Managing Director, Dixie Asset Management “I read Hedging Demystified and I thought it was great—so user-friendly. It answers so many questions that a new face to hedging may not think to ask until it’s too late.”

Joe Smith, VP, an energy marketing and distribution company “Tim Bishop capitalizes on his expertise to provide an overview of hedging of commodity price risk in a straightforward manner that doesn’t require prior knowledge or a strong financial background. This book will be beneficial to both newcomers to the subject area as well as those wanting to broaden their understanding.”

Jordan Ness, Fuels Trader, Chemoil, a division of Glencore “The texts are laid out in a way that makes the relevant issues easy to understand and separate from one another in spite of dealing with an already complex topic. …I particularly enjoyed the chapter on basis, I thought the layout was excellent.”

Charlie Hahn, CFO, Dead River Company “Tim Bishop has managed to take a very difficult topic and make it understandable for all. I particularly like the numerous illustrations and the ability to ‘toggle’ from chapter to chapter as key topics are revisited. I will be using this book as a key reference tool.”

Author Biography

A CPA and former corporate treasurer with more than thirty years of business experience, Tim Bishop has seen hedging from all angles—as scout, strategist, tactician, trader, accountant, supervisor, and treasurer. He knows how to distill the complexities of financial risk for people who are looking for answers.