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Haunted Travels of Michigan II
Haunted Travels of Michigan II

Haunted Travels of Michigan II


258 Pages, 5.52 x 8.34

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $14.95 (US $14.95)

Publication Date: September 2010

ISBN 9781933272238

Rights: US

Thunder Bay Press Michigan (Sep 2010)

Price: $14.95


Bev Rydel and Kat Tedsen return to investigating Michigan's most haunted locations in Haunted Travels of Michigan, volume 2 For this second book in the series, the authors have traveled across Michigan conducting paranormal investigations to identify the truth behind urban legends, ghost stories, and suspect hauntings. Their travels have taken them from urban settings to remote regions to find the answers. Investigations and stories in their second book delve into some of Michigan's greatest disasters, unsolved murders, demons and deliverance. Of course for authors, Kat Tedsen and Bev Rydel, it's not just about the haunting but the history that creates the haunting. Months of research have been spent to search for the historical truth and how it may related to the haunted evidence. What they found was revealing and unexpected. Something does exist out there...something that can't be explained...something paranormal. To give the reader a full, three-dimensional sense of the investigation and results, this book is Web interactive. Read the story, visit their Web site's Secret Room, review the evidence, and decide for yourself.This book features "The Holly Demon". This story was adapted for SyFy's Paranormal Witness TV Series. "Lady on the Stairs" episode aired September 2012.Visit the book website for more information and for public ghost hunts hosted by the authors:

Author Biography

In 2006, the two sisters began their journey in the paranormal. Since then, they've traveled 10's of thousands of miles around the state in search of Michigan's most haunted locations. Beginning as skeptics, what they have personally witnessed and recorded challenged their beliefs.Before their paranormal adventures began, Kat and Bev had professional positions completely unrelated to their current endeavors. Before beginning TR Desktop Publishing in 1991, Kat Tedsen had over 15 years' experience in writing, media production, training and management. She directed media programs for Fortune 500 clients, including General Motors Corporation, Ford Motor Company, Harley Davidson and Kelly Services.It was during their travels while writing the Michigan Vacation Guide book series, Kat and Bev met reputable people who described paranormal experiences so powerful it made them true believers in ghosts and demons. These individuals recounted fascinating stories and identified locations they sincerely believe to be haunted. Were they simply eerie ghost stories, urban legends, folklore or fact? That is what motivated Kat and Bev to begin their new "Haunted Travels" book series. They wanted to go beyond the myth and legend to the truth behind reports of hauntings.Since 2006, Kat and Bev have completed several hundred investigations that include investigations into some of Michigan's unsolved murders, disasters, criminals activity, and well-known people in American history. The site of their investigations take them to historic restaurants, hotels, bed and breakasts, prisons, remote lighthouses, and historical sites all with a strong reputation of paranormal activity.