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Happiness is a Watermelon on Your Head
Happiness is a Watermelon on Your Head

Happiness is a Watermelon on Your Head

By Daniel Hahn, Illustrated by Stella Dreis


40 Pages, 10.5 x 10.5

Trade Paper, $10.99 (US $10.99) (CA $13.99)

Publication Date: April 2013

ISBN 9781907912054

Rights: US & CA

Phoenix Yard Books (Apr 2013)

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A cauliflower hat, a fish bonnet, a few large animals, a flying boar called Melvin, and a whole lot of watermelons come together in this wacky tale told in rhyme To the villagers who watch her going about her day, it is clear that Miss Jolly is irritatingly happy. Her never-ending cheerfulness leaves three of her neighbors highly confused and jealous, driving them to ridiculous and hilarious measures in an attempt to compete with Miss Jolly in the happiness—and headgear—stakes. Beautiful and insane in equal measure, this wacky book follows three local busybodies on their journey to discover the secret of true happiness.


"This is a brilliantly funny picture book to share with any toddler. Parent and child are sure to laugh through it as you meet three rather miserable ladies who live in a completely mad world but by the end of the story they've realized that happiness is a much better way to live!"  —LoveReading for Kids

"With colorful illustrations and a funny storyline this tale is great at capturing how nosy neighbors really can be. Full of creative imagination this is an inspiring story to be loved by all, particularly those who have a love for watermelons!"  —Booktrust

Author Biography

Daniel Hahn is a writer, editor, and translator. He has translated fiction by novelists including José Eduardo Agualusa, José Luís Peixoto and María Dueñas; and non-fiction by writers ranging from Portuguese Nobel laureate José Saramago to Brazilian soccer player Pelé. He is also one of the editors of the Ultimate Book Guides, an award-winning series of reading guides for children and teenagers, and is currently assembling a new Oxford Companion to Children's Literature. Stella Dreis is a children's book illustrator. Her previous titles include The City that Went Off and The Princess and the Pea.