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Excursions into the Earth History of Salzburg and Upper Bavaria


144 Pages, 7.5 x 10.25

Formats: Cloth

Cloth, $22.99 (US $22.99) (CA $30.99)

Publication Date: May 2018

ISBN 9783702508814

Rights: US & CA

Verlag Anton Pustet (May 2018)

Price: $22.99


Geology is not for the faint hearted! Ocean basins are pulled apart and disappear again, continents move and collide, mountain chains uplift and are then eroded, a rising sea level submerges land under water around the world, volcanic super-eruptions lead to global temperature falls, asteroids collide with the Earth and thereby erase nearly all lifeforms. Geology tells the long history of the Earth; it shows us what has happened on our planet and everything that can still happen. The rocks are the only archive where this history is recorded. This book invites you to browse the rock archive around Salzburg. 38 excursions lead us through 260 million years of the Earth History of Salzburg and Upper Bavaria. Until the year 1803, most of the localities presented here formed part of the Prince-bishopric of Salzburg for over 450 years and are therefore linked not only by their geological, but also by political and cultural history. Numerous color photos and a variety of topographical maps make it easy to find the most striking geological features in the surroundings of Salzburg. Access to these areas by public transport is particularly indicated.

Author Biography

Hans Egger was born in Elsbethen near Salzburg in 1960. After completing his studies in Geology and Palaeontology and several research periods abroad he began his career at the Geological Survey of Austria in Vienna in 1990 and currently holds the position of Head of the Department of Palaeontology and Stratigraphy. His scientific research is focused on the geology of the northern Eastern Alps and the biostratigraphical classification of rocks using nannofossils. Several of his more than 170 scientific publications deal with the geology of the surroundings of the city of Salzburg.