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Fred Basset Yearbook 2017
By Alex Graham (Summersdale Publishers)
Price 15.95 $4.50
Taxes, the Tea Party, and Those Revolting Rebels
By Stan Mack (NBM Publishing)
Price 16.99 $8.50
Rohan at the Louvre
By Hirohiko Araki (NBM Publishing)
Price 19.99 $10.00
By Margreet de Heer (NBM Publishing)
Price 19.99 $10.00
By Mathilde Ramadie, Illustrated by Anaïs Depommier (NBM Publishing)
Price 27.99 $14.00
Black Dahlia
By Rick Geary (NBM Publishing)
Price 15.99 $8.00
By Leila Abdelrazaq (Just World Books)
Price 19.99 $10.00
Ghetto Brother
By Julian Voloj, Illustrated by Claudia Ahlering, Introduction by Jeff Chang (NBM Publishing)
Price 12.99 $6.50
By Paco Roca (Fanfare)
Price 16.95 $8.48
Phantoms of the Louvre
By Enki Bilal (NBM Publishing)
Price 29.99 $15.00
The Cross-Eyed Mutt
By Etienne Davodeau (NBM Publishing)
Price 24.99 $12.50
By Keef Cross (Rosarium Publishing)
Price 14.95 $7.48
Jack the Ripper: A Journal of the Whitechapel Murders 1888-1889
By Rick Geary (NBM Publishing)
Price 9.95 $4.98
By A. Dan & Maximilien Le Roy (NBM Publishing)
Price 19.99 $10.00
Billie Holliday
By Bo-hyun Seo, Illustrated by Sung-hua Kwak (NBM Publishing)
Price 19.99 $10.00
Pride of the Decent Man
By T.J. Kirsch (NBM Publishing)
Price 19.99 $10.00
(H)afrocentric Comics
By Juliana "Jewels" Smith, Illustrated by Mike Hampton, Illustrated by Ronald Nelson, Foreword by Kiese Laymon (PM Press)
Price 20.00 $10.00
By Eric Borden, Illustrated by Dave Mims, Illustrated by Spike O’Laochdha (Alterna)
Price 4.99 $2.50
The Yellow Jar
By Patrick Atangan (NBM Publishing)
Price 6.99 $3.50
By Masahiko Murakami, Illustrated by Ken Tanaka (Middleway Press)
Price 12.95 $6.48
Tree of Love: Songs of Our Ancestors: Volume III
By Patrick Atangan (NBM Publishing)
Price 6.99 $3.50
Ask Me About Polyamory
By Tikva Wolf, Foreword by Sophie Labelle (Thorntree Press)
Price 24.95 $12.48
The Lighthouse
By Paco Roca (NBM Publishing)
Price 15.99 $8.00
Diario de Oaxaca
By Peter Kuper, Introduction by Martín Solares (PM Press)
Price 24.95 $12.48
The Borden Tragedy
By Rick Geary (NBM Publishing)
Price 9.99 $5.00
A Treasury of Victorian Murder Compendium II
By Rick Geary (NBM Publishing)
Price 29.99 $15.00
The Freak Brothers Omnibus
By Gilbert Shelton (Fanfare)
Price 35.00 $17.50
By Justin M. Ryan, Illustrated by Kristian Rossi, Illustrated by D.C. Hopkins (Alterna)
Price 9.95 $4.98