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Going to Gaza
Going to Gaza

Going to Gaza

Ten Days that Changed the World


174 Pages

EPUB, $3.99 (US $3.99) (CA $3.99)

Publication Date: September 2015

ISBN 9781987857313

Rights: WOR

Promontory Press Inc. (Sep 2015)

Not yet published. Ships 9/10/2015.


Going to Gaza: Ten Days That Changed the World weaves an amazing story set in one of the most persistent conflict areas of the world. Our inability to solve this conflict has undoubtedly contributed to the rise of violent religious fundamentalism.What can we do? Seventy years of continuous war suggests we haven’t found the solution. What if we tried something else, something really different, something never tried before?Going to Gaza is about such an undertaking. It is an exciting and suspenseful story, a sequel to the award winning book, Stillpoint, a novel of war, peace, politics and Palestine.The events described in Going to Gaza are a combination of fact and fiction, of beautiful dreams and ugly realities—reflections of us, our nature as human beings.

Author Biography

Colin Mallard played in bomb craters and bombed out buildings as a child in England during the Second World War. Perhaps this was the origin of his interest in peace. He attended University in Boston between 1961-1971 and was deeply involved in the Civil Rights and Anti War Movements. Trained for the Unitarian Universalist ministry he attended the same seminary as Martin Luther King and later served in both a rural and inner city parish. His church was firebombed and destroyed because of his and the congregation's stand on Civil Rights and its opposition to the Vietnam War. It was his interest in exploring spiritual matters that took him into the ministry and later took him out of it. For the next 25 years he worked as a psychologist. This included working in Hawaii with families of abused children. He has also had different jobs such as magician's assistant, mountain guide, taxi driver, tree planter and street counsellor on Vancouver's skid row. Behind the things he did was a consuming interest in the nature of peace and who or what we are as human beings. This led him to a lengthy study of Taoism, and Zen and, latterly, the Advaita Masters, Ramesh Balsekar and Dr. Jean Klein. Mallard lives on Vancouver Island, where he writes and teaches about the wisdom and insight found in Eastern Philosophy. He is also an avid soccer player and photographer.