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Give the Gift!
Give the Gift!

Give the Gift!

10 Fulfilling Ways to Raise a Lifetime Reader

By Matthew Gollub, Illustrated by Larry Nolte


32 Pages, 11 x 8.5

Formats: Cloth

Cloth, $15.95 (US $15.95) (CA $20.95)

Publication Date: January 2007

ISBN 9781889910413

Rights: US & CA

Tortuga Press (Jan 2007)

Price: $15.95


Give the gift that lasts a lifetime—encourage a child to read for fun! Reading at home greatly improves a child's chances to succeed in life. But how can busy adults—parents, grandparents, extended family and friends—get kids to WANT to read on their own? This entertaining picture book for grown-ups brims with practical hints that include: * finding time to read with kids at home and on the go * making kids of all ages EXCITED about reading * providing plenty of books at home no matter how tight your budget * limiting the time that children spend on video games and TV * eye-opening facts about the benefits of reading These powerful ideas are presented in a delightful format that's easy to read. Whether you're a teenage parent or a parent with teens—or ANYONE who cares about young people—try these suggestions and enjoy the results. The children in your life will be glad you did!National Parenting Publications Awards Gold Award WinnerNational Best Books Finalist (USA Book News), Parenting / Family Category


"If government really wanted to ensure no child was 'left behind,' they first would give this book to as many parents as they find. It's a great, yet simple, literacy tool." —Jim Trelease, author of The Read-Aloud Handbook (2 million copies sold)

"This lively guide to literacy, with its family-friendly illustrations and sensible, straightforward language, is chock full of ideas for getting your child's attention, encouraging reading, and modeling behavior which benefits kids at all stages of their development." —Kaye Exo, Grandma's Book Letter 

Author Biography

Matthew Gollub is a nationally known children's author, speaker and performer. He has created 18 picture books which together have garnered 25 national awards and distinctions. His musical narrations on audio CDs accompany some of his most popular books including The Jazz Fly and Jazz Fly 2: The Jungle Pachanga. A dynamic drummer and bilingual presenter, he has also performed at over 1,000 elementary schools nationwide, inspiring students and families to read for fun. He lives with his family in Santa Rosa, CA.


National Parenting Publications Awards Gold Award WinnerNational Best Books Finalist (USA Book News), Parenting / Family Category