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Gifts of the Peramangk
Gifts of the Peramangk

Gifts of the Peramangk


344 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5

Formats: Trade Paper, Mobipocket, EPUB

Trade Paper, $18.95 (CA $20.95) (US $18.95)

Publication Date: October 2012

ISBN 9781926760803

Rights: WOR

Central Avenue Publishing (Oct 2012)


eBook Editions Available

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In 1950s Australia, during the height of the divisive White Australia Policy, Virginia, a young Aboriginal girl is taken from her home and put to work on an isolated and harsh outback station. Her only solace: the violin, taught to her secretly by the kind-hearted wife of the abusive station owner. However, Virginia's prodigious musical gift cannot save her from years of hardship and racism.Decades later, her eight year old granddaughter Ruby plays the violin with the passion Virginia once possessed. Amidst poverty, domestic violence and societal dysfunction, Ruby escapes her circumstance through her practice with her grandmother's frail, guiding hand. Ruby’s zeal attracts the attention of an enigmatic music professor and with his help, she embarks on an incredible journey of musical discovery that will culminate in a rare opportunity. But with two cultural worlds colliding, her gift and her ambition will be threatened by deeply ingrained distrust, family jealousies and tragic secrets that will define her very identity.


"Mayes's characters inspire sympathy, and I kept reading to learn more about them." —San Francisco Book Review

"Gifts of the Peramangk is an achingly beautiful story about perseverance and hope that I wished would never end. Dean Mayes clearly cares deeply about his characters, and his dedication to them shines through. I highly recommend this tale." —Long and Short Reviews

"It has been a long time since I read a book that made me think about life and about serious issues instead of just escaping into a good story. (It was a good story too.) And a longer time still since a book made me cry because it was so wonderfully written and contained such a powerful, moving story." —Once Upon A Dream Books

"Dean writes so beautifully, that you can hear the music playing. You feel the emotions that are poured into compositions from the artists. I felt like I was back in orchestra, listening to a playback of a performance." —Books Complete Me

Author Biography

Dean Mayes is a Pediatric Intensive Care nurse who is fascinated by the paranormal, so his stories weave an element of magical realism with deep humanism. He grew up near Melbourne, Australia, the setting for his new novel The Recipient, but now lives in Adelaide with his family and dog, whom he loves with great passion along with cooking, Star Wars and a great joke.