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Free the Idea Monkey...
Free the Idea Monkey...

Free the Idea Monkey...


232 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Cloth

Cloth, $24.95 (US $24.95) (CA $33.95)

Publication Date: January 2012

ISBN 9781936487103

Rights: US & CA

Franklin Green Publishing, LLC (Jan 2012)

Available from local and national retailers throughout the US.


In business you should Free the Idea Monkey to focus on what matters most. This book shows (in an extremely entertaining way) how the most innovative leaders and organizations work and play to find this balance. Walt Disney partnered with Roy Disney (Walt handled the Imagineering; Roy made sure they made money at it.) Orville Wright partnered with his brother Wilbur. Steve Jobs partnered with Steve Wozniak. Great leaders and great organizations have found the balance between the enthusiastic and inspiring Idea Monkeys and the focused and empowering leaders, the people who turned their ideas into a reality. Written by the leaders of the  globally recognized Innovation Agency, this book contains entertaining stories, fun illustrations and practical tips to inspire and empower both Idea Monkeys—and  the (Ring) Leaders who must somehow focus those creative people's energy and ideas.

Author Biography

G. Michael Maddock is the founding partner and CEO of the leading innovation agency Maddock Douglas, which has helped over 25 percent of the Fortune 100® invent, brand and launch new products, services and business models successfully. A serial entrepreneur and Idea Monkey, Mike has launched three successful businesses and cochairs the Gathering of Titans entrepreneurial conclave at MIT. Mike is a featured columnist for Bloomberg Businessweek. Raphael Louis Vitón is the president and COO of Maddock Douglas; he's the (Ring)leader who keeps the company on track. He also is a board member of the Conscious Capitalism Alliance, teaches innovation at the graduate level internationally, and coauthors the Innovation Engine column in Bloomberg Businessweek.