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Franklin Green Publishing, LLC

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Titles Found: 28
Authentic Salesman
Authentic Salesman >
By Michael McIntyre

ISBN 9781937717025

Price 16.95

Trade Paper

Be Great
Be Great >
By Peter H. Thomas

ISBN 9780982638705

Price 19.95


Breaking In
Breaking In >
By Evan Farmer

ISBN 9781937717001

Price 18.95

Trade Paper

Chain of Command
Chain of Command (2 Formats) >
By Walter Goff, II

Trade Paper ISBN 9781936487356

Trade Paper Price 18.00

Trade Paper, EPUB

Cultivate >
By Morag Barrett, Foreword by Keith Ferrazzi

ISBN 9781936487295

Price 24.00


Dark Ride
Dark Ride (2 Formats) >
By Todd Loyd

Trade Paper ISBN 9781936487226

Trade Paper Price 15.00

Trade Paper, EPUB

Dinner With Muhammad
Dinner With Muhammad (2 Formats) >
By Marilyn Hickey

Trade Paper ISBN 9781936487233

Trade Paper Price 15.95

Trade Paper, EPUB

Football Wife
Football Wife (2 Formats) >
By Jan Thatcher Adams

Trade Paper ISBN 9781936487042

Trade Paper Price 16.95

Trade Paper, EPUB

Fork Your Diet
Fork Your Diet (2 Formats) >
By Michele Neil-Sherwood, Dr., By Mark Sherwood, Dr.

Trade Paper ISBN 9781936487424

Trade Paper Price 18.95

Trade Paper, EPUB

Free the Idea Monkey...
Free the Idea Monkey... >
By G. Michael Maddock, By Raphael Louis Viton

ISBN 9781936487103

Price 24.95


Friends at the Table
Friends at the Table >
By Debi Shawcross

ISBN 9781936487004

Price 24.95


Good Morning Gorgeous
Good Morning Gorgeous (2 Formats) >
By Dale Smith Thomas

Trade Paper ISBN 9781936487400

Trade Paper Price 14.95

Trade Paper, EPUB

Heisman's First Trophy
Heisman's First Trophy (2 Formats) >
By Sam Hatcher

Trade Paper ISBN 9781936487332

Trade Paper Price 20.00

Trade Paper, EPUB

Hope For Economic Hopelessness
Hope For Economic Hopelessness >
By Brig Hart

ISBN 9781937717087

Price 15.95

Trade Paper

In Hines' Sight
In Hines' Sight (2 Formats) >
By Hope Hines

Trade Paper ISBN 9781936487219

Trade Paper Price 18.00

Trade Paper, EPUB

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