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Flying V Books

Flying V Books

Flying V Books originates from author Søren Vangsgaard’s lifelong interest in classic rock music.

Teaming up with a row of professional photographers working in the 1960’s, he soon found out that a lot of the biggest rock bands in the world had played in Scandinavia during the 1960’s and 1970’s – and that a lot of photographs had been taken at the time. All these photographs had been stored away in basements and lofts, either in negatives or in prints, and very few of them had been used back in the day.

Pooling these photographs from both professional as well as private photographers, the back archive of pictures soon rose well above a million photographs from Scandinavia. Flying V Books have distilled this enormous back catalogue to the book series Unknown Nordic Archives, presenting the photos and the untold stories behind them to fans around the world.

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