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Fitness To Freedom
Fitness To Freedom

Fitness To Freedom

Create Inner Peace and Self Confidence by Breaking Unhealthy Cycles



248 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Trade Paper, EPUB

Trade Paper, $18.95 (CA $24.95) (US $18.95)

Publication Date: November 2019

ISBN 9781988736730

Rights: US & CA

Golden Brick Road Publishing House (Nov 2019)


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Price: $18.95


Fitness to Freedom is a collection of health, wellness, and fitness stories written for women by women to educate, inspire, and encourage readers to live their best and find their balance. The authors in this book share with other women how we have managed to make health and fitness a lifestyle that fits and works in our lives. It includes everything you wanted to know and more from fitness gurus, athletes, competitors, and fitness instructors, as well as from everyday women who just love fitness and keep active because it's their passion. This dream team of authors has collaborated to create a rich book full of fitness truths from women warriors who are making health and wellness work in their lives while helping others do the same. We come together with passion, drive, and persistence to live our best lives and share love, commitment, and learning in the hopes of informing and empowering other women to live their best life in and outside of the gym. Contributors include Rachel Balunsat, Pauline Caballero, Heather Chapman, Julia Cochrane, Nadia Dedic, Erica Glassford, Annie Graft, Carol Hanley, Jocelyn Hinz, Amy Howe, Cassie Lambert, Allison Marschean, Violaine Pigeon, Sharlene Rochard, Lola Small, Barb Sotos, Karen Swyszcz, Johanne Walker, Jena Weiss, Tarrah Wynn.

Author Biography

Deirdre Slattery holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology and education from the University of Windsor where she majored in biology and health education. She lives in Stratford, ON. Allison Marschean holds a Bachelor of Science from The United States Military Academy, a Masters of Science from Murray State University, and a Master of Arts from Columbia University's Teachers College. She lives in Atchison, KS. Amy Howe began her business, Howe Fit, at the young age of nineteen. She is passionate about health promotion and balances and flexible nutrition strategies. She likes in Kingsville, ON. Annie Graft is an active duty Air Force Officer who attended college at the United States Air Force Academy. She also runs her online business, Fit Life Fit Me, to inspire women. She lives in Elgin, SC. Barb Sotos holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Western Ontario and is a gratitude coach and yoga instructor to individuals with newly acquired brain injuries. She lives in Ancaster, ON. Carol Hanley holds an IFBB Pro Card and is a professional athlete. She has had a passion for bodybuilding from a young age and has won first place in North America in two different Middleweight classes. She lives in Mississauga, ON. Cassie Lambert is an Army Veteran and a certified personal trainer specializing in helping women crush the weights with confidence. She lives in Fort Irwin, CA. Erica Glassford is a certified nutrition coach, mindfulness coach, and lifestyle coach. She also holds titles as a Pro Masters Fitness Model and Grand Masters Bikini Champion. She lives in Foothills, AB. Heather Chapman is a certified nutritional practitioner, holds a Bachelor degree with honors in biology and social sciences. She is the creative director of and an educational speaker. She lives in Barrie, ON. Jena Weiss is the owner of The Pound, a successful gym in up-state New York. She holds a degree in psychology from the University of Rochester. She lives in Oxford, NY. Jocelyn Hinz is a yoga instructor and the founder of a global essential oil collective/ She lives in Stratford, ON. Johanne Walker is the co-founder of the Women United Project and focuses on creating a movement that will change the way we look at ourselves. She lives in Toronto, ON. Julia Lefaivre is a teacher turned fitness instructor. She coaches women in fitness and nutrition and runs her podcast, The Thriving Woman. She lives in Cochrane, AB. Karen Swyszcz is a fitness instructor and the creator of Makinthebacon, a blog and social media consulting business. She lives in Oakville, ON. Lola T Small is a growth and success coach for emerging women healers, leaders, and change-makers. She lives in Waterdown, ON. Nadia Dedic is a certified Raw Foods Chef, attended Pachavega vegan culinary school, and hold multiple certifications in fitness and nutrition. She lives in Toronto, ON. Pauline Caballero is the co-founder of Power Yoga Canada, a hot vinyasa studio brand. She lives in Mississauga, ON. Rachel Dolma Balunsat is an award-winning photojournalist, an Ayurvedic health practitioner, and a vegan bodybuilder. She lives in Sebastopol, CA. Sharlene Rochard is a professional model, an actress. She lives in London, ON. Tarrah Wynn studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is the owner of Tarrah Wynn Holistic Health and Nutrition. She lives in Stoney Creek, ON. Violaine Pigeon studied at the University of Montreal as a dietician. She is a motivating nutritionist and a wellness creator. She lives in Terrebonne, QC.