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Falling for Fallacies
Falling for Fallacies

Falling for Fallacies

Misleading Commonplace Notions of Dressage Riding


160 Pages, 9.5 x 10.5

Formats: Cloth

Cloth, $49.95 (CA $54.95) (US $49.95)

Publication Date: April 2010

ISBN 9783861279693

Rights: US & CA

Cadmos Books (Apr 2010)

Price: $49.95


A thorough reevaluation of the most misunderstood aspect of dressage riding from a renowned equestrian expert.

The world of modern dressage includes a broad canon of doctrines that are rarely if ever questioned. Despite their constant use, many riders are confused by the exact meanings and implications of numerous terms and approaches. What does it really mean, for instance, to drive the horse "onto the bit?" Does a stronger application of the rider’s aids really encourage the horse to place its hind legs further under its body? Is the term “collection” really synonymous with the increased forward engagement of the hind legs under the center of balance? This complete review of every aspect of dressage provides a thorough investigation and a critical analysis of the anatomical and biomechanical aspects of riding. It offers a long-overdue explanation of the sense and nonsense of commonly-used training doctrines and reveals prejudices in order to support the art of horse-orientated equitation.

Author Biography

Jean-Claude Racinet was a renown trainer, rider, and teacher skilled in the French tradition of the Légèreté. He died in April 2009. Maria Mähler is a professional illustrator.