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Fall 2022 Top Shelf

IPG’s sales, marketing, and publicity teams select Top Shelf picks from across all our publisher’s frontlist titles releasing each season. #IPGTopShelf

Fall 2022 Top Shelf

1922 >
By Nick Rennison
Price 16.95
Artemis Made Me Do It
Artemis Made Me Do It >
By Trista Mateer
Price 16.99
Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book
Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book >
By Better Homes and Gardens
Price 34.99
Bring It On
Bring It On >
By Kase Wickman
Price 29.99
Can You Read This Book?
Can You Read This Book? >
By Huw Lewis Lewis-Jones
Price 16.99
Dream Rooms
Dream Rooms >
By River Halen
Price 20.00
Extinction >
By Marc Schlossman
Price 45.00
Fists Raised
Fists Raised >
By Karim Nedjari, Illustrated by Chloe Celerien
Price 26.99
Jeoffry >
By Oliver Soden
Price 16.95
Lost In Time
Lost In Time >
By A G Riddle
Price 24.95
Mystic Wind
Mystic Wind >
By James Barretto
Price 27.95
Once Upon a Line
Once Upon a Line >
Illustrated by Elliot Kreloff
Price 17.95
Stargazer >
By Laurie Petrou
Price 17.99
The Echo Chamber
The Echo Chamber >
By John Boyne
Price 17.95
The Green Amendment
The Green Amendment >
By Maya K. van Rossum, Foreword by Kerri Evelyn Harris, Foreword by Mark Ruffalo
Price 19.99
The Little Coven
The Little Coven >
By Penny Harrison, Illustrated by Vivian Mineker
Price 17.99
The Modern Hippie Table
The Modern Hippie Table >
By Lauren Thomas, Photographs by Kristy Horst
Price 35.00
The Physician's Daughter
The Physician's Daughter >
By Martha Conway
Price 26.95
The Secret Life of Corals
The Secret Life of Corals >
By David E. Vaughan
Price 29.95
The Year's Best Sports Writing 2022
The Year's Best Sports Writing 2022 >
Edited by J.A. Adande, With Glenn Stout
Price 19.95
Trauma, Tresses, and Truth
Trauma, Tresses, and Truth >
By Lyzette Wanzer
Price 19.99
We Can Do Better Than This
We Can Do Better Than This >
By Beth Ditto, By Owen Jones, By Olly Alexander
Price 19.95
Wizard & Co
Wizard & Co >
By Mitchell Toy
Price 17.99
Working 9 to 5
Working 9 to 5 >
By Ellen Cassedy, Foreword by Jane Fonda
Price 28.99
Yoga Animals
Yoga Animals >
By Emily Sharratt, Illustrated by Jade Mosinski
Price 19.95