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Extreme Animals
Extreme Animals

Extreme Animals

Tallest Smallest Fastest Heaviest Highest


192 Pages, 7.93 x 10.49

Formats: Cloth

Cloth, $29.99 (US $29.99) (CA $40.95)

Publication Date: September 2015

ISBN 9781921517341

Rights: US & CA

New Holland Publishers (Sep 2015)

Price: $29.99


Prepare to be amazed by the most astounding feats in the natural world.Did you know that the mantis shrimp can punch its way through a sheet of glass, that the Bar-tailed Godwit can migrate non-stop for a quarter of the circumference of the Earth from Alaska to New Zealand, or that up to 40 million Mexican Free-tailed Bats gather in a single cave in Texas?This title is a must-have for all wildlife enthusiasts and it showcases the extremes of nature, from the biggest and smallest mammals and reptiles to the highest flying birds and insects, from the deepest swimming creatures to those that live in hottest and coldest places, and from those that form the biggest gatherings to those that create the best interior design!Through decades of experience in nature-writing Dominic Couzens has developed a unique style in imparting the wonders of wildlife to millions of readers in countries around the world. His engaging text coupled with breathtaking images of the subjects make this book very special indeed.

Author Biography

Dominic Couzens is an internationally renowned naturalist and author.  His work appears in major magazines and journals around the world.  He has written more than 20 books, and he has been a wildlife tour leader for more than 25 years.