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Even When Life Doesn't Play Nice
Even When Life Doesn't Play Nice

Even When Life Doesn't Play Nice

One Child's Journey from Unfavorable Beginnings - A Memoir


106 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Mobipocket, EPUB

EPUB, $2.99 (US $2.99) (CA $3.99)

Publication Date: April 2016

ISBN 9781495619311

Rights: WOR

Bookmark Publishers (Apr 2016)


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Patricia Christian’s childhood and adolescence fit the idyllic picture of America in the 1950s and ’60s in so many ways: a happy, cheerful child, she lived in a bungalow in a midsize Midwestern city, had neighborhood friends and a big brother, and learned to read with Dick and Jane. Her days were filled with selling Girl Scout cookies, riding bikes with friends, and roller skating; her summers had visits to her aunts’ and uncles’ farms and family road trips to explore the great American West.But in one very important way, Patricia’s life was unconventional: her mother was overcome by illness when Patricia was an infant, leaving her motherless at five months old. Her father was valiantly determined to keep his business going and his family intact despite his own heartbreak, and he hired a series of women to clean the house and look after Patricia and her brotherâ€â€Âsome loving and responsible, others downright negligent.Yet this is not a memoir of bitterness and self-pity. What sustained Patricia and allowed her to grow into a secure, confident childâ€â€Âmaking the difference between overcoming and being overcome by the various obstacles that lay aheadâ€â€Âwas the experience, at age seven, of accepting Jesus as her personal friend. Patricia had not been dealt an easy hand, but her simple childhood faith in God’s love and guidance never wavered. Her story is a testimony to the fact that even a life shadowed by tragedy and “unfavorable beginnings†can be a joyous one when we put our trust in Him.

Author Biography

Patricia Christian Punches was born in 1950 in Decatur, Illinois. At an early age, she had a flair for creativity, including art, writing, and communicating. From an unfortunate beginning, she realized fulfillment and success, even as she found and married her soul mate and had two beautiful children. The author’s childhood ability to envision a glorious outcome, while in the midst of negative circumstances, remains with her to this day. Now an adoring grandmother, she lives with Dennis, her beloved husband of forty years, in Green Valley, Arizona, enjoying family and friends, as well as reading, writing, and hiking the great Southwest.