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Earth's Restless Surface
Earth's Restless Surface

Earth's Restless Surface


112 Pages, 7.5 x 10

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $15.95 (US $15.95) (CA $17.95)

Publication Date: December 2008

ISBN 9780565092368

Rights: US & CA

Natural History Museum, London (Dec 2008)

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An up-to-date introduction to the changing surface of the Earth, from the solid crust to the waters, atmosphere, and living things that interact with itHow do natural forces erode and sculpt the Earth's landscape? How are solid rocks worn away and how are they recycled? What influences climate change and what effect does this have on our natural environment?  This book explains in accessible language how the planet is being constantly remodeled by powerful natural forces such as wind, water, and ice. It recreates past landscapes and explains how studying the evidence of past climates is a vital part of learning about the Earth's climate system, and how and why change comes about. Packed with color photographs and diagrams, the book reveals how to recognize past events recorded in rocks and considers the challenge of predicting the Earth's future.


"This is a well-written book illustrated with large, attractive, relevant photographs and clear explanatory diagrams . . . suitable for someone starting a study of geology or physical geography. . ."  —Geoscientist

"It is beautifully produced, with exemplary photographs and diagrams revealing the long-term turmoil that our planet is constantly suffering—even if on a human timescale it looks reasonably settled and permanent."  —New Scientist

"A highly educational book complete with eye-catching photographs and diagrams displaying the more gripping geographical goodies of landslides, hurricanes and earthquakes."  —Geographical

Author Biography

Deirdre Janson-Smith is a science communications consultant and writer. With a degree in Zoology, she began her career at the Natural History Museum as part of the exhibition development team. Since then, she has worked in the private sector for museums, science centers, and zoos across the world. Gordon Cressey is the Head of Mineral Sciences in the department of Mineralogy at the Natural History Museum, London, with 25 years of research experience in mineralogy and crystallography. He gained his BS and PhD from Manchester University, and lectured in mineralogy at Oxford University for six years before joining the Museum in 1983. Andrew Fleet is the Head of the Mineralogy department at the Natural History Museum, London.