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Ebook, $8.99 (US $8.99) (CA $26.95)

Publication Date: February 2022

ISBN 9781952782510

Rights: WOR

Boutique of Quality Books Publishing, Inc. (Feb 2022)
BQB Publishing

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Few things are more dangerous than an unpaid debt.

"John Daly has a magical writing style, and his books keep you up late at night turning pages." - Dana Perino, former White House Press Secretary

"Restitution offers hard-hitting action spearheaded by a badass protagonist who talks the talk and walks the walk in a brutal story of surviving an unforgiving territory… Written in the vein of old-school stories of revenge, familial bonds, and relentless action, Restitution is a definite must-read." - Kashif Hussain, Best Thriller Books

"I think what impresses me the most about John Daly as a writer is his range. Restitution brings Sean Coleman fans the series’ traditional strong sense of setting and mood, and clipped, realistic dialogue, and adds a refreshing, subtle sense of heart and hope amidst all the Vegas grit and Western landscapes of the Nevada desert." - Jim Geraghty, senior political correspondent of National Review and author of the Dangerous Clique thriller series

Life's gotten better for hard-edged security guard, Sean Coleman. With personal affairs in order and relationships rekindled, he travels to Las Vegas to help celebrate his buddy's last days as a bachelor. Soon after he arrives, however, a twist of fate spawns a reunion with an old flame.

Curiosity and a desire to make amends unexpectedly lead Sean down a dark path into the Vegas underground, where another face from the past emerges---a federal fugitive whose family, years earlier, altered the course of Sean's life.

A harrowing escape drops Sean in the barren wasteland of a Nevada desert, miles away from the glitz and glamor of Sin City. There, he must fight to stay alive against a well-armed group of men whose bloodlust and greed won't stop them from getting what they're after.