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DRM Restrictions and Fixed-Layout EPUBs

As eBooks have grown in sophistication and popularity, a variety of e-book formats have become available for purchase. Among the newer formats is the Fixed-Layout EPUB, a type of e-book first introduced by Apple for use with the iPad and iPhone and available through the Apple iBookstore.

Fixed-Layout EPUBs are used for eBooks where the relationship between text and image is extremely important—namely textbooks, cookbooks, children’s books, and graphic novels. This format allows e-book developers to better relate the e-book’s text to its images (for example, to associate a picture of eggs with a recipe for scrambled eggs), as opposed to what is possible with the standard EPUB format.

Unfortunately, Fixed-Layout EPUBs are not yet supported by Adobe Digital Editions, the software that provides Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection to the majority of eBooks for sale on this website. In cases where a publisher has elected to protect their Fixed-Layout EPUB titles using DRM, this restriction will prevent the purchase of the EPUB format from this website.

However, such eBooks are available for purchase on Apple iBooks, The B&N Nook Book Store, and the Kobo eBooks store, along with many other popular e-book retailers in the United States and around the world.