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DRM Restrictions and Fixed-Layout EPUBs

As e-books have grown in sophistication and popularity, a variety of e-book formats have become available for purchase. Among the newer formats is the Fixed-Layout EPUB, a type of e-book first introduced by Apple for use with the iPad and iPhone and available through the Apple iBookstore.

Fixed-Layout EPUBs are used for e-books where the relationship between text and image is extremely important—namely textbooks, cookbooks, children’s books, and graphic novels. This format allows e-book developers to better relate the e-book’s text to its images (for example, to associate a picture of eggs with a recipe for scrambled eggs), as opposed to what is possible with the standard EPUB format.

Unfortunately, Fixed-Layout EPUBs are not yet supported by Adobe Digital Editions, the software that provides Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection to the majority of e-books for sale on this website. In cases where a publisher has elected to protect their Fixed-Layout EPUB titles using DRM, this restriction will prevent the purchase of the EPUB format from this website.

However, such e-books are available for purchase on Apple iBooks, The B&N Nook Book Store, and the Kobo eBooks store, along with many other popular e-book retailers in the United States and around the world.