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Dracula Unfanged
Dracula Unfanged

Dracula Unfanged



338 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: EPUB

EPUB, $5.99 (US $5.99) (CA $7.99)

Publication Date: November 2022

ISBN 9781922856029

Rights: WOR

IFWG Publishing International (Nov 2022)


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Christopher Sequeira, who devised the multiversal Baker Street collection SHERLOCK HOLMES AND DOCTOR WAS NOT invites you to another dazzling exhibition of reality-flipping tales about a literary icon, with contributions to this house of nightmares by some of the best in the field.Enter freely, and of your own will?Tales by:Leverett Butts & Dacre StokerRamsey CampbellJulie DitrichRon FortierChristopher FowlerJason FranksNancy HolderJim KruegerBrad MengelLee MurrayWill MurrayAlan PhilipsonAndrew SalmonJ. ScherpenhuizenChristopher SequeiraJacqueline SequeiraPhilip CornellI. A. WatsonIntroduction by Leslie S. KlingerInterior Illustrations by Vicky AdamsCover by Dave Elsey

Author Biography

CHRISTOPHER SEQUEIRA is a writer and editor who specializes in mystery, horror, fantasy, science fiction and superheroes. He writes scripts for various media formats and devises, edits and contributes stories to prose anthologies. Notable works include comic-book scripts for Justice League Adventures for DC Entertainment, and Iron Man and X-Men stories for Marvel Entertainment. Anthologies of his include Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Was Not (IFWG Publishing), Sherlock Holmes: The Australian Casebook (Echo-Bonnier), The SuperAustralians graphic novel (Black House-IFWG Publishing) and, in collabor