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Legend Classics


464 Pages, 5 x 7.75

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $15.95 (US $15.95) (CA $20.95)

Publication Date: August 2019

ISBN 9781787198302

Rights: US, CA, AU & NZ

Legend Times Group (Aug 2019)
Legend Press

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A masterpiece of the horror genre, featuring one of the most famous vampires in literature 

English solicitor Jonathan Harker travels to a castle in the Carpathian Mountains to see a Transylvanian noble, Count Dracula. At first, Harker is intrigued by the eccentric count, but as more mysterious and terrifying events occur, he realizes he's now a prisoner in the castle. When Dracula leaves Harker behind and travels to England, Harker's beloved fiancé Mina and her friend Lucy Westenra are put in grave danger, and a group of adversaries, led by the vampire hunter Abraham van Helsing, must do whatever it takes to stop Dracula.

Author Biography

Bram Stoker is a novelist whose most famous work is Dracula.