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Djoef Publishing

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A Tribute to Joseph M. Lookofsky
A Tribute to Joseph M. Lookofsky >
Edited by Mads Bryde Andersen, Edited by Rene Franz Henschel

ISBN 9788757435252

Price 51.00


Abnormally Low Tenders
Abnormally Low Tenders >
By Grith Skovgaard Ã?Â?Ã?Â?lykke

ISBN 9788757423594

Price 61.00

Trade Paper

Advertising Law
Advertising Law >
By Caroline Heide-Jorgensen, Translated by Steven Harris

ISBN 9788757423013

Price 115.00


Aims and Values in Competition Law
Aims and Values in Competition Law >
Edited by Caroline Heide-J���¸rgensen, Edited by Christian Bergqvist, Edited by Ulla Neergaard, Edited by Sune Troels Poulsen

ISBN 9788757427998

Price 65.00

Trade Paper

Alf Ross
Alf Ross >
By Jens Evald

ISBN 9788757427868

Price 80.00

Trade Paper

Alf Ross: Kristiske Gensyn
Alf Ross: Kristiske Gensyn >
Edited by Jacob V. H. Holtermann, Edited by Jesper Ryberg

ISBN 9788757414097

Price 37.00


An Actor's Approach to Management
An Actor's Approach to Management >
Edited by Morten Jakobsen, Edited by Inga-Lill Johansson, Edited by Hanne N���¸rreklit

ISBN 9788757424690

Price 36.00

Trade Paper

An Introduction to Corporate Governance
An Introduction to Corporate Governance >
By Steen Thomsen

ISBN 9788757418514

Price 48.00

Trade Paper

Arbitration Agreements
Arbitration Agreements >
By Kristina Maria Siig

ISBN 9788757409246

Price 62.00

Trade Paper

Arbitration in Denmark
Arbitration in Denmark >
By Steffen Pihlblad, By Christian Lundblad, By Claus Sogaard-Christensen, Translated by Steven Harris

ISBN 9788757427790

Price 62.00

Trade Paper

Art & Law
Art & Law >
Edited by Morten Rosenmeier, Edited by Stina Teilmann

ISBN 9788757412987

Price 25.00

Trade Paper

Assistance to Victims of Discrimination by Equality Bodies of the EU Member States
Assistance to Victims of Discrimination by Equality Bodies of the EU Member States >
By Bjørn Dilou Jacobsen

ISBN 9788757421569

Price 67.00

Trade Paper

Award of Contracts in EU Procurements
Award of Contracts in EU Procurements >
Edited by Mario E. Comba, Edited by Steen Treumer

ISBN 9788757431537

Price 51.00

Trade Paper

Between Law and Politics
Between Law and Politics >
By Derek Beach

ISBN 9788757404937

Price 44.00

Trade Paper

Between Regulation and Deregulation
Between Regulation and Deregulation >
By Christian Bergqvist

ISBN 9788757436419

Price 52.00

Trade Paper

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