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Divine Birth
Divine Birth

Divine Birth

A Collection of Wisdom + Coloring Pages to Inspire and Empower the Pregnant Mother



88 Pages, 6.5 x 6.5

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $15.95 (US $15.95) (CA $19.95)

Publication Date: October 2018

ISBN 9781988736471

Rights: US & CA

Golden Brick Road Publishing House (Oct 2018)

Price: $15.95


Birth has the potential to be the most transformative journey in a woman’s life. The moment a child is conceived in a woman’s heart, the world is forever changed. What if through birth, mothers around the world connected to their infinite value, immense power, and let go of every limitation and thought of self-doubt that has ever held them back?As you turn on your creative juices to color your experience into the hand-drawn pictures in this book, you unleash that part of you that is no longer held captive by fear and you see that you can create beauty and bring a sense of magic and sacredness into your pregnancy and birthing experience. The pictures can be strung together to make a banner, or hung on the wall to remind you of your power as you birth your baby.


"In this inspiring book Suzzie Vehrs gently and lovingly nudges women away from the pain and fear often linked with childbirth and demonstrates that birth can take place in a space filled with support, love, empowerment, and breath. She not only carries women through the preparation for birth with her beautiful words and pictures but guides right through to the amazing moment of 'I did it'. The activity pages will be great preparatory exercises, birth-time empowerment tools and additions to a birth story memory book."  —Christina Whelan-Chabot, Matters of Movement founder

"She has woven a tapestry of past, present and future mother perspective, connecting spiritual wisdom with practical, empowering birthing advise . . . You can feel it energetically release fear and create an experience of love and alignment, within even the first few pages."  —Christina Fletcher, Spiritually Aware Parenting

 "Divine Birth offers sage wisdom with a side of gentle encouragement. The beautiful illustrations and affirmations add to the calm, peaceful tone throughout the book. It's like reading a breath of fresh air!"  —Sarah Cowan, Midwife Apprentice

"Finding an outlet for the creative process going on within the human body is so important during pregnancy. This book is just that. You are adding powerful tools of self-realization and belief into your toolbelt along the way. This is a place to put down your worries for a little while and come away knowing you are fully capable of doing what is to come."  —Danie Crofoot, Full Spectrum Doula (Of Earth + Salt)

"Suzzie Vehrz's Divine Birth has the power to draw an expectant mother deep within herself and transform her into a confident and empowered birthing woman . . . Delve deep into her meditative process, learn to trust in the way your body was created and experience the birth of your dreams!"   — Maeve Ohrvall, Midwife and Owner of Sacred Path Midwifery and The Birth Maven

"The drawings are rich with symbolism; encouraging contemplation while providing space for a woman to honor her emotions, focus her energies, release her fears and realize her full potential! The beauty and imagery of Suzzie's words are inspiring and empowering; and far beyond the typical birth affirmations."  —Christine Sheets, Birth Worker, Educator, and Reiki Master

Author Biography

Suzzie Vehrs is a mother, writer, economist, and birth educator. The loss of her first pregnancy and the traumatic experience with the birth of her first child left her shattered. However, her path to healing and reclaiming her life led her to uncover and rediscover beautiful truths about motherhood, life, and birth that had long been hidden to her and have made the journey all worthwhile. She teaches mothers how to embark on a powerful journey of self-discovery through pregnancy and birth in authentic ways that serve each person's unique needs. Every woman is capable of birthing not just a baby with a measurable pulse, but a life that pulses with vibrance and beauty at at the same time.. To connect with Suzzie, download free pregnancy affirmations or find out more about her birth preparation class visit or follow her on instagram @moregigglingmoments