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Defying Vichy
Defying Vichy

Defying Vichy

Blood, Fear and French Resistance


320 Pages, 6.25 x 9.25

Formats: Cloth, EPUB

Cloth, $36.95 (US $36.95) (CA $49.95)

Publication Date: June 2019

ISBN 9780750985529

Rights: US & CA

The History Press (Jun 2019)


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Price: $36.95


A timely reappraisal of the actions and motivations of the French Resistance

July 1940 saw the collaborationist Vichy regime replace the French Republic after the country suffered heavily at the hands of the German onslaught during World War II. A small number of people sought to make a stand in whatever way they could, despite fear and mortal danger. From railway workers and couriers to guerrilla fighters and foreign agents, each played their part in destabilizing Marshal Pétain's poisonous regime. This book casts new light on the Resistance, using unique first-person accounts and newly translated archival records to highlight how ordinary people refused, protested, fought, and ultimately became heroes of the Resistance.

Author Biography

Robert Pike has revisited survivors of the Resistance who he first talked to 20 years ago. He has drawn on oral and written testimonies, official Vichy police archives and a vast array of secondary evidence written by historians.