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Dancing with Digital Natives
Dancing with Digital Natives

Dancing with Digital Natives

Staying in Step with the Generation That’s Transforming the Way Business Is Done

Edited by Michelle Manafy, Edited by Heidi Gautschi


320 Pages, 6 x 9

PDF, $25.50 (US $25.50) (CA $26.50)

Publication Date: May 2011

ISBN 9780910965965

Rights: US, CA & UK

Information Today, Inc. (May 2011)
CyberAge Books

Price: $25.50
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Real-world insights that businesses can apply when managing millenials

Generational differences have always influenced how business is done, but in the case of digital natives, those immersed in digital technology from birth, professionals are witnessing a tectonic shift. As an always-connected, socially networked generation increasingly dominates business and society, organizations can ignore the implications only at the risk of irrelevance. In this fascinating study, a stellar assemblage of experts from business and academia provides vital insights into the characteristics of this transformative generation. Offering an in-depth look at how digital natives work, shop, play, and learn, this resource offers practical advice geared to help managers, marketers, coworkers, and educators maximize their interactions and create environments where everyone wins.


"To say that we are living through a communications revolution doesn’t do justice to the incredible transformation brought by the always-on world of instant communications. Digital natives do naturally what we immigrants find perplexing. Dancing with Digital Natives--chock full of interpretations and analysis--is a critically important book for those who do business with or need to understand those under 30. The essays are eye-opening and contain valuable information for successfully marketing to, educating, entertaining, or working with natives. An added free bonus is you’ll better understand your kids (or grandkids).” —David Meerman Scott, The New Rules of Marketing and PR

Author Biography

Michelle Manafy is the director of content for FreePint, Ltd., a publisher of sites and resources for the business information industry. She is also the chair of the Buying & Selling eContent conference. Heidi Gautschi is the cofounder of L'ACTE International Research Group, where she analyzes the relationship between society and communication technology. Contributors to this book include the editors, as well as Mary Ann Bell, Shashi Bellamkonda, Sarah Bryans Bongey, Jami L. Carlacio, Albert M. Erisman, Brynn Evans, Susan Evans, Lance Heidig, David Hubbard, Richard Hull, Marshall Lager, Christa M. Miller, Emilie Moreau, Carolina M. Reid, Michael Russell, Peggy Anne Salz, Arana Shapiro, Dan Schawbel, Rebecca Rufo-Tepper, and Robert J. Torres