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Curlews on Vulture Street
Curlews on Vulture Street

Curlews on Vulture Street



320 Pages, 5.25 x 8.25

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $32.99 (US $32.99) (CA $44.99)

Publication Date: September 2022

ISBN 9781742237367

Rights: WOR

University of New South Wales Press (Sep 2022)

Not yet published. Ships 9/1/2022.


In Curlews on Vulture Street, acclaimed urban ecologist Darryl Jones reveals the not-so-secret lives of the most common birds that share our towns and cities. Despite the noise, heat, dust and fumes, the ceaseless movement, light and toxins, many birds successfully live their lives among us. And not just furtively in the shadows. Ibis steal our lunch, brush turkeys rearrange gardens, and magpies chase us screaming from near their nest. From his childhood in a country town noticing blackbirds and sparrows to studying brush turkeys in the suburbs, Jones shares a fascinating story of curiosity, discovery, adventure, and conflict, played out in city streets and backyards. He also provides rare insights into the intimate lives of some of our most beloved and feared, despised and admired neighbours. You'll never see magpies, curlews, ibis, lorikeets, and cockatoos in the same way again.

Author Biography

Darryl Jones is a Professor of Ecology at Griffith University in Brisbane, where for over 30 years he has been investigating the many ways that people and wildlife interact. He is particularly interested in why some species are extremely successful in urban landscapes, while many others are not, and how best to deal with the ensuing conflicts. More recently, he has been trying to understand more about the humans that also live in cities in large numbers, and how they engage with nature.