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Copenhagen Business School Press

Copenhagen Business School Press

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Titles Found: 124
A Social Theory of Innovation
A Social Theory of Innovation >
By Alexander Styhre

ISBN 9788763002523

Price 48.00

Trade Paper

Accounting in Scandinavia
Accounting in Scandinavia >
Edited by Sten Jonsson, Edited by Jan Mouritsen

ISBN 9788763001533

Price 60.00

Trade Paper

Advancing Research on Projects and Temporary Organizations
Advancing Research on Projects and Temporary Organizations >
Edited by Rolf A. Lundin, Edited by Markus Hallgren

ISBN 9788763002486

Price 55.00

Trade Paper

Advertising and Chinese Society
Advertising and Chinese Society >
Edited by Hong Cheng, Edited by Kara Chan

ISBN 9788763002271

Price 63.00

Trade Paper

Against the Grain
Against the Grain >
Edited by Anshuman Prasad

ISBN 9788763002431

Price 59.00

Trade Paper

Bits of Organization
Bits of Organization >
Edited by Alison Pullen, Edited by Carl Rhodes

ISBN 9788763002240

Price 57.00

Trade Paper

Brand Relations Management
Brand Relations Management >
By Tony ApÃ?Â?Ã?Â?Ã?Â?Ã?Â?ria, By Rolf Back

ISBN 9788763001212

Price 62.00

Trade Paper

Branding and Advertising
Branding and Advertising >
Edited by Flemming Hansen, Edited by Lars Bech Christensen

ISBN 9788763001182

Price 42.00

Trade Paper

Business Restructuring in Asia
Business Restructuring in Asia >
By James Zhan, By Terutomo Ozawa

ISBN 9788763000871

Price 38.00


Central Europe
Central Europe >
Edited by Christopher

ISBN 9788763000437

Price 42.00


Chaos Theory and the Larrikin Principle
Chaos Theory and the Larrikin Principle >
By Bob Hodge, By Gabriela Coronado, By Fernanda Duarte, By Greg Teal

ISBN 9788763002356

Price 32.00

Trade Paper

Children >
Edited by Flemming Hansen, Edited by Jeanette Rasmussen, Edited by Anne Martensen, Edited by Birgitte Tufte

ISBN 9788763001007

Price 36.00

Trade Paper

Edited by Verner Worm

ISBN 9788763002141

Price 36.00

Trade Paper

China Business ABC
China Business ABC >
By Martin Krott, By Kent Williamsson

ISBN 9788763001168

Price 24.00

Trade Paper

China's Service Sector
China's Service Sector >
By Yadong Luo

ISBN 9788763000475

Price 74.00


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