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Contemporary Fiction – Great for Book Clubs

Fairlight Moderns: A collection of new short modern fictions from around the world.

Share the Fairlight Moderns with your book club or writing circle using these reading and writing notes.

Contemporary Fiction

Travelling in the Dark
Travelling in the Dark >
By Emma Timpany
Price 13.95
Milton in Purgatory
Milton in Purgatory >
By Edward Vass
Price 13.95
Minutes from the Miracle City
Minutes from the Miracle City >
By Omar Sabbagh
Price 13.95
The The Nail House
The The Nail House >
By Gregory Baines
Price 13.95
A A Good Year
A A Good Year >
By Polis Loizou
Price 13.95
Atlantic Winds
Atlantic Winds >
By William Prendiville
Price 13.95
Blue Postcards
Blue Postcards >
By Douglas Bruton
Price 13.95
Inside the Bone Box
Inside the Bone Box >
By Anthony Ferner
Price 5.99
Missing Words
Missing Words >
By Loree Westron
Price 13.95
Only About Love
Only About Love >
By Debbi Voisey
Price 13.95
Taking Flight
Taking Flight >
By JT Torres
Price 13.95
The The Driveway Has Two Sides
The The Driveway Has Two Sides >
By Sara Marchant
Price 5.99
The The Therapist
The The Therapist >
By Nial Giacomelli
Price 5.99
There are Things I Know
There are Things I Know >
By Karen B. Golightly
Price 5.99
Voting Day
Voting Day >
By Clare O’Dea
Price 13.95