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Commercial Aircraft Air Purification Design
Commercial Aircraft Air Purification Design

Commercial Aircraft Air Purification Design

China’s Major Science and Technology Innovation Collection


116 Pages, 6.5 x 9.5

Formats: Cloth

Cloth, $69.95 (US $69.95) (CA $93.95)

Publication Date: January 2020

ISBN 9788193815120

Rights: US & CA

Royal Collins Publishing Company (Jan 2020)

Price: $69.95


This book reveals the category and source of air contaminants in the air, compare the airworthiness regulation between other standards on cabin air quality, demonstrate the possible procedures for HEPA filter selection for aircraft in the initial design stage, summarize and analyze the major air purification methods and research of future air filter modification strategies to control the cabin contaminants. Retrospective studies on contaminates in aircraft cabin air emerge that the cabin might not be safe as manufacturers claim, also compulsory regulations on aircraft cabin air should be issued by airworthiness certification authority. Aircraft environmental control system on air quality purification showed that HEPA filter installed in recirculation air system was the dominant way to purify cabin recirculation air among current aircraft. Further research on the mechanism of HEPA filter gives a better understanding of air filtration.

Author Biography

XIE Jiaqiang is an engineer of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd(COMAC).His research areas cover aircraft cabin air purification, testability design, aircraft fault diagnosis and failure prognosis, verification and validation, focusing on model-based Integrated Aircraft Health Management (IAHM) aircraft level design; during served in COMAC, Xie Jiaqiang obtained master degree in aircraft design in Cranfield University. He has published technical papers on the improvement aircraft availability and recently working on guidelines for aircraft level IAHM implementation.