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Choosing for juries
Choosing for juries

Choosing for juries

Application and development of juries in old and new jury trial countries


270 Pages, 6.5 x 9.5

Formats: Cloth

Cloth, $85.00 (US $85.00)

Publication Date: July 2013

ISBN 9789046605899

Rights: US & CA

Maklu Publishers (Jul 2013)

Price: $85.00


Why do governments try to limit the application of jury trials, both in countries where jury trials are native and in countries that have more recently instituted them? This is a critical question today as government authorities are trying to limit the role of juries, especially when it comes to complex fraud cases, national security/terrorism cases, and cases where juries seem to have a propensity for high acquittal rates. Therefore, understanding how governments are promoting and constraining jury trials is important. This book analyzes the reasons that motivate governments to introduce jury trial practices and the factors that condition the role these types of trials play in the administration of criminal justice systems as a whole. The book's research derives its finding from the comparative analysis of criminal justice systems of the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation, and the Republic of Azerbaijan. It also assesses prospects of the application of jury trials in the Republic of Azerbaijan based on analysis of the criminal justice systems of countries where these practices already exist.