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Children's Halloween Books

Spooktacular reads and activities for kids that are perfect for creating thrilling and magical moments this Halloween season.

Halloween - Kids 2023

Mr. Pumpkin's Tea Party
Mr. Pumpkin's Tea Party >
By Erin Barker
Price 17.99
The Little Coven
The Little Coven >
By Penny Harrison, Illustrated by Vivian Mineker
Price 17.99
Five Little Ghosts
Five Little Ghosts >
By Amber Lily
Price 8.99
Scratch and Draw Halloween
Scratch and Draw Halloween >
By Arthur Over, Illustrated by Barry Green
Price 9.99
Puzzle Quest Halloween Haunting
Puzzle Quest Halloween Haunting >
By Kia Marie Hunt
Price 8.99
Trick or Treat, Alistair Gray
Trick or Treat, Alistair Gray >
By Lindy Ryan, Illustrated by Timea Gazdag
Price 14.99
The Vampires Next Door
The Vampires Next Door >
By Sigi Cohen, Illustrated by Patrick Corrigan
Price 16.99
Vlad's in Love
Vlad's in Love >
By Rory H Mather, Illustrated by Jesus Lopez
Price 16.99
Zombie School Teachers
Zombie School Teachers >
By Sigi Cohen, Illustrated by Matty Mitchell
Price 16.99
How to Draw 101 Halloween
How to Draw 101 Halloween >
By Nat Lambert, Illustrated by Barry Green, Illustrated by Dan Green
Price 5.99
Vlad's Bad Breath
Vlad's Bad Breath >
By Rory H Mather
Price 16.99
Where’s the Witch?
Where’s the Witch? >
By Chuck Whelon
Price 9.99
The Loch Ness Mystery
The Loch Ness Mystery >
By Sarah Rice
Price 8.99
Let's Look at Fairies, Witches, Giants and Dragons
Let's Look at Fairies, Witches, Giants and Dragons >
Illustrated by Christian Broutin
Price 11.99
Do the Skeleton Skat!
Do the Skeleton Skat! >
By The Wiggles
Price 17.99
Five Little Pumpkins
Five Little Pumpkins >
By Georgina Wren, Illustrated by Matt O'Neil
Price 8.99
I'm a Little Pumpkin
I'm a Little Pumpkin >
Illustrated by Barry Green, By Joshua George
Price 7.99
The Double Trouble Society
The Double Trouble Society >
By Carrie Hope Fletcher
Price 24.99
The Double Trouble Society 2
The Double Trouble Society 2 >
By Carrie Hope Fletcher
Price 24.99