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Caring for the Older Horse
Caring for the Older Horse

Caring for the Older Horse

How to Keep Your Veteran Fit and Healthy


128 Pages, 6.5 x 9.5

Trade Paper, $26.95 (CA $35.95) (US $26.95)

Publication Date: September 2009

ISBN 9783861279655

Rights: US & CA

Cadmos Verlag GmbH (Sep 2009)
Cadmos Books

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How to keep senior horses fit and happy, from necessary diet changes to fun exercises.

Intended for the horse owner who wishes to keep his or her horse fit and healthy for as long as possible, this book offers an abundance of invaluable advice and recommendations—including a feeding program, massages for the well-being of the horse, and age-related exercises for on the ground and under the saddle. Starting with the signs of aging, the guide discusses at what stage in its life the horse becomes old. Next, the higher standard of feeding required by the senior horse is detailed, as well as how old horses like to be kept, a wellness program for the oldie, and fun gymnastics for senior horses. The book also covers a subject which no owner likes to think about but which needs to be included—preparation for the final farewell.

Author Biography

Claudia Jung is an animal physiotherapist.