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Buddha at Work
Buddha at Work

Buddha at Work

Finding Purpose, Balance, and Happiness at Your Workplace


288 Pages, 5.5 x 8.25

Formats: Trade Paper, EPUB

Trade Paper, $16.95 (US $16.95) (CA $22.95)

Publication Date: January 2020

ISBN 9781950355013

Rights: US, CA & PH

Bright Hart Books (Jan 2020)


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Price: $16.95


Bring Your Best, Most Successful Self to Work Every DayAccording to the most recent State of the Global Workplace report put out by the Gallup organization, 85% of employees are either not engaged or actively disengaged at work, resulting in $7 trillion in lost productivity each year! This is a crisis. And Buddha at Work offers a solution.Equal parts career advice, mindfulness workbook, and happiness guide, Buddha at Work applies ancient wisdom to the modern workplace. Told through a series of fictionalized conversations with Gautam, Geetanjali Pandit shows you how Buddhist principles guided her through the ups and downs of her C-suite level HR career. From her initial breakthrough of finding her first job to dealing with horrible bosses and selfish colleagues to ultimately being pink-slipped herself, she has seen and been through it all.Inside you'll also find mindfulness exercises that will help you unlock the secrets to:- keeping yourself MOTIVATED and ENERGIZED, and being your productive best - MANAGING STRESS and TAKING CONTROL of every workday situations - dealing with DIFFICULT BOSSES and co-workers or unforeseen situations like LOSING YOUR JOB - transforming negativity into a more PRODUCTIVE and POSITIVE attitudeAs an added bonus, each chapter also includes a short synopsis of a pivotal moment in the Buddha's spiritual development.Master these lessons—discover your authentic self, engage with purpose and balance—and enjoy your journey to success. The choice is yours. Don't be disengaged at work, be Buddha at work!


"This book unlocks the secrets to keeping yourself motivated and energised and explains how you can achieve your productive best. Let's face it: life in the modern-day workplace can be demanding and stressful. Most of us spend almost a third of our adult lives at work, and many of us can struggle to rise above the hustle of work life. In this unique book, Buddha at Work: Finding Purpose, Balance and Happiness at Your Workplace, CEO Coach and author Geetanjali Pandit shares Buddhist wisdom on how to transform the common stresses and anxieties of the workplace into valuable opportunities for heightened wisdom and enhanced effectiveness. Pandit shows us how life on the job – no matter what kind of work we do – can become one of the most engaging and fulfilling areas in our lives. She has over 20 years of experience in the corporate world and attributes her many achievements and successes to the application of Buddhist principles during her career. With a beautiful narrative, Pandit shares her wisdom in a series of insightful conversations between herself and mentor, Gautam. Each chapter seamlessly interweaves between past (Buddha's teachings) and present (how to apply these principles in the modern world), ending with a reflection exercise for the reader to complete to help develop an improved state of purpose, balance, and happiness. Buddha at Work is easy to read, accessible and infinitely practical, teaching mindfulness, meditation, affirmations, breathing techniques, gratitude practices and much more. For many, work is the last place in our lives we expect to experience satisfaction, fulfilment, or spiritual growth. This highly relational and down-to-earth book shows us otherwise, blending spiritual implications and practical applications, and offering simple and effective solutions to ensure we survive and thrive in today's demanding business environments. A must-read for young people new to the workforce or people already on a professional path, helping all readers experience more meaningful moments in the workplace, and ultimately guiding them to achieve their true potential." —Chelsea Filmer, Glam Adelaide

"Buddha at Work: Finding Balance, Purpose and Happiness at Your Workplace comes from an HR professional whose Buddhist perspective gives an unusual twist to the usual workplace advice guide. Personal and professional breakthroughs are outlined in a book that doesn't require readers to have any prior knowledge of or affinity with Buddhism. All that's needed is an interest in creating and participating in a better work environment. As chapters apply Buddhist principles to such topics as reducing job stress, finding happiness in work, linking profit goals with respect, and making money equate with making better life connections and choices, business readers receive admonitions backed by workplace realities: "I was beginning to realize that making good money, achieving pro­fessional success, and earning credi­bility in the workplace were not the be-all and end-all of existence. Sud­denly, the satisfaction I had hoped to enjoy wasn't there any longer. When I looked around at my peers and colleagues, I could sense I was not alone in my predicament. I could see my fatigue and stress reflected in others." Geetanjali Pandit's own life experiences along with those of co-workers combine with these lessons to create a set of admonitions as grounded in real life experience as they are in spiritual ideals, and this is one of the strengths of this approach. As business readers delve into topics of work performance, intentions, leadership issues and strife, Buddhist beliefs and principles are applied in a manner that helps all readers think about choices, consequences, and ultimate goals based on these teachings: "The Buddha's life holds valuable lessons in deflect­ing criticism and negativity as you progress toward the fulfillment of your purpose. The idea is to remain undeterred. There are plenty of books about workplace success, and plenty about Buddhist ideals and principles. Having both under one cover translates to an inspirational read firmly grounded in workplace experience and filled with thought-provoking insights especially recommended for readers who would adopt different, more positive approaches to work goals and life." —Diane Donovan, Donovan's Literary Services

Author Biography

Geetanjali Pandit is a human resources professional, a personal growth coach, and a Buddhist. She earned an MBA in Human Resource Management from the Xavier School of Management (XLRI) in Jamshedpur, India. Over the span of a two-decade career, she has held C-suite level human resources jobs in some of India's biggest companies including The India Today group, Zee Media Corporation Limited, and EIH Limited. She is the author of two books on career management and has written articles for The Economic Times, The Financial Express, and DNA. She credits her professional success to the application of Buddhist principles in the workplace.