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Born to Shop
Born to Shop

Born to Shop

Modern Woman . . . Worship Her Like the Goddess She Is


160 Pages, 7 x 6.5

Cloth, $17.95 (US $17.95)

Publication Date: September 2010

ISBN 9781853757730

Rights: US

Welbeck Publishing Group (Sep 2010)
Carlton Publishing Group

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From calories to kids, from fashion to friendship, Born to Shop's stylish cartoons and witty sayings ride the zeitgeist, and this bumper collection will be the gift purchase this Christmas for the generation of women it captures with such acurracy and humor on every page. You love to cook with wine, sometimes you even put it in the food. You've shopped all your life, but still have nothing to wear. You understand the concepts of cooking and cleaning, but just not how they apply to you. You are born to shop, and this hilarious book salutes you and celebrates your lifestyle.

Author Biography

Prion Books UK is an imprint of Carlton Publishing Group which focuses on quirky humor and British Heritage.