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Black-Hole Accretion Disks
Black-Hole Accretion Disks

Black-Hole Accretion Disks

Towards a New Paradigm


549 Pages, 6.5 x 9.5

Cloth, $125.95 (CA $170.00) (US $125.95)

Publication Date: March 2008

ISBN 9784876987405

Rights: US & CA

Kyoto University Press (Mar 2008)

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Since publication of the first edition, models of advection-dominated accretion flows and their comparison with observations have been much developed and deepened, including the cases of super-Eddington accretion. The launch of the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer led to the discovery of high-frequency oscillations, which opened a new field of discoseismology. In addition, development of observational techniques show that the time when we see a direct image or silhouette of black holes is in the near future. Considering these situations, we fully revised the first edition in order to meet the developments mentioned above.