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Black Coffee Lightning
Black Coffee Lightning

Black Coffee Lightning

David Lynch Returns to Twin Peaks

By Greg Olson, Foreword by John Thorne



308 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $24.99 (US $24.99) (CA $35.99)

Publication Date: February 2024

ISBN 9781949024623

Rights: WOR

Fayetteville Mafia Press (Feb 2024)

Price: $24.99


Greg Olson, author of David Lynch: Beautiful Dark, the essential book on Lynch’s life and art, has resided in the Twin Peaks region of the Northwest for decades, and David Lynch spent youthful years in the Northwest; both of their fathers were woodsmen. Lynch believes that the world hums with spirituality, and over a thirty-year span Lynch and Mark Frost created forty-eight hours of Twin Peaks TV and film, hypnotic cinematic music immersed in the depths and divine heights of human nature, an artistic song of the forest, America, the world, the cosmos. David Lynch is an international icon of visionary artistic innovation, humanistic thought and philanthropy, and spiritual exploration, and Twin Peaks: The Return is his magnum opus, a mytho-poetic summation of his deepest beliefs and concerns. Author Olson, in his characteristically intimate and personal way, traces the Twin Peaks currents of Lynch’s emotional-visceral storytelling, themes, imagery and sound: the way the artist and viewer share an electrified circuit of mystery and understanding.

Author Biography

Greg Olson, founder of the Seattle Art Museum's award-winning film program, was born in Seattle. Olson grew up in the Twin Peaks region, where his father was a lumberjack in the same woods of northwestern Washington as Pete Martell. Olson is the author of David Lynch: Beautiful Dark (2008) and has also written about Lynch for Film Comment and  Premiere (Japan).