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Bits of Organization
Bits of Organization

Bits of Organization

Edited by Alison Pullen, Edited by Carl Rhodes

Advances in Organization Studies


206 Pages, 6.75 x 9.5

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $57.00 (US $57.00)

Publication Date: March 2009

ISBN 9788763002240

Rights: US & CA

Copenhagen Business School Press (Mar 2009)

Price: $57.00


The academic study of organizations is in a condition of heterodoxy, where diverse methods and theories collide and compete, gathered together only in the broken net of a name. This book assembles some of the bits that break off in the process of this collision. It plays with the already contested boundaries - 'correct images' and 'correct narratives' - of a legitimate organization studies, so as to attest to a destabilization of any theory and method that would desire to capture, reproduce, and indoctrinate knowledge. The book brings together a group of original thinkers and writers, who push the boundaries of innovative and unconventional work as governed by prevailing standards in the dominant bastions of organization studies.