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Big History
Big History

Big History

Before the Big Bang to Now



352 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Cloth, Trade Paper, EPUB

Trade Paper, $29.99 (CA $37.99) (US $29.99)

Publication Date: April 2020

ISBN 9781949454192

Rights: US & CA

Science Literacy Books (Apr 2020)


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Price: $29.99


Big History traces the chronology of our universe from before the Big Bang to now. It raises the most important questions that concern us all and then provides answers from the naturalistic point of view. Paul Singh draws on the latest findings from the physical and biological sciences, astronomy and cosmology, geology and genetics, and pre-history and archeology in search of answers to these and many other questions. He lucidly and engagingly demonstrates; the answers science gives about ourselves and the universe in which we live are incomparably more surprising and interesting than any mythical tale of a creator ever devised by any human culture. Indeed, science's proud journey of exploration and discovery is humanity's finest narrative yet, about how we trusted our intelligence to find out what we really are and who we can be? intrepidly going wherever the evidence led. Even though science reveals that humanity may have no special place in the universe, humanity is truly special because of our ability to comprehend our universe to a large extent. Thus, this inspiring story of exploration and discovery is a celebration not only of science and its own journey but also of ourselves.


"A clear and engaging look at the greatest story of all: how we came to (finally) understand who we are and what our place is in the universe. The millennia of false starts and missed guesses are treated as a lack not of intelligence but of a reliable way to interrogate reality. The book captures the questing curiosity of earlier humanity, then conveys the astonishing feeling of sudden acceleration as science filled the slack sails, revealing at last who and what we really are. This is a marvelous, accessible contribution to the literature."  -Dale McGowan, PhD, executive director, Foundation Beyond Belief, and coauthor, Raising Freethinkers

Author Biography

An American scientist, philosopher and a physician, Paul Singh has published widely in the areas of science, philosophy, religion, history, economics, politics, law and medicine. His books include The Great Illusion, The Seduction of Religion, Discovering Our World, Prison Torture in America, Prison Papers, Guilty at Gunpoint, The Death of the Rule of Law, and Kismet.