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Beware the King!
Beware the King!

Beware the King!



64 Pages, 5.25 x 8

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $10.99 (US $10.99) (CA $14.95)

Publication Date: April 2017

ISBN 9781783225590

Rights: US & CA

ReadZone Books (Apr 2017)

Price: $10.99


Lady-in-waiting Anne Boleyn is in loveâ€â€Âand in danger

Beware the King is the story of England's brutal monarch, Henry VIII, and his love for Anne Boleyn. Anne Boleyn is the prettiest of all the ladies-in-waiting at the court of King Henry VIII. It isn't long before she catches the eye of the king. Bored and unfulfilled by his marriage, and with no heir apparent, Henry is casting his net wide. Anne is in love and cannot see why she would do well to beware the king.

Author Biography

Stewart Ross is the author of many titles, including Ancient Greece, Curse of the Crocodile God, Egypt: In Spectacular Cross-section, and Henry VIII.