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Between Wind and Water
Between Wind and Water

Between Wind and Water


96 Pages, 7.5 x 9.25

Formats: Trade Paper, Mobipocket, EPUB, PDF

Trade Paper, $19.95 (US $19.95) (CA $26.95)

Publication Date: April 2019

ISBN 9781925581591

Rights: US, CA & MX

Spinifex Press (Apr 2019)


eBook Editions Available

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Price: $19.95


Almost everyone thinks that wind power is a great advance, but it too can be done the wrong way. Berni m janssen, through an extraordinary series of poems that are both riveting and deeply saddening, shares the stories of the people living in an idyllic country area into which wind turbines are erected. The world of nature, birds, trees, flowers, as well as wind, water and dust come to life, while the world of those subjected to the body-grinding, low-pitched sounds through so many sleepless nights fall apart. Berni m janssen is a highly respected performance poet and her starkly visual and visceral poems will leave audiences writhing in disbelief.


"Rejoice! berni janssen's new book! This book is easy to love: its rugged, soft, deft, exact forms. Action is embedded in things; politics is stitched into the wind. Set against the bamboozle clatter of corpspeak and co-option. It's a beautifully grounded book and it's going to make trouble." —Chris Mansell, Poet and Publisher

"In a constant eddy of wind and water, janssen unspools a blistering attack on corporate Australia's public manipulations, elisions of truth and scientific spinning. Her tools, a menagerie of wind turbines and the humans living amongst them—Dan, Cassandra, Charles, Una, and others. These poems fashion an epic grid that electrifies you, big energy at its absolute finest." —Kent Macarter, Poet and Managing Editor Cordite Poetry Review

"A heady consciousness ride through the changing synergies of mind body space in the world, be it natural, or constructed. One of Australian's treasures, berni janssen, a pioneering sound poet, is fully focused on the auditory as a means of experiencing the world. The voice of berni is loud and clear. She takes us with her into the auditory world as it is changing and asks us to reconsider 'the strange echo chamber we live in.'" —Dr Ros Bandt, International Sound Artist

"There is no doubt in my mind that berni m. janssen is a cultural icon for our people. The punter on the street might give me sideways glances for such a proposition, but it is only because they don't know—not yet. But they will. You just can't hide janssen forever—she rings too loud. At the heart of between, wind and water resides a struggle that has been both a personal health battle and a communal fight to be heard. The text delineates battle lines around wind turbines in regional Victoria, and I am reminded that the conflict between the overlords and the proletariat is universal and unending. It will never cease: What is this wheel in which we turn?" —James Hullick, Musician, Sound Artist, Artistic Director JOLT Arts aka )-(u||!c|<

Author Biography

berni m janssen is a text artist, performer, facilitator, collaborative practitioner and Creative Director based in the Central Highlands of Victoria. Her work includes Lake/Vale (PressPress, 2010), mangon (Mercurial Editions, 1992), and Possessives and Plurals (Filia Press, 1985), among others.