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Best of Girl
Best of Girl

Best of Girl


144 Pages, 10.5 x 13.5

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $27.95 (US $27.95)

Publication Date: May 2012

ISBN 9781853758324

Rights: US

Prion (May 2012)

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For girls growing up in 1950's Britain, Girl was essential reading. Each week there would be another gripping installment of ''Angela Air Hostess"; Lettice Leefe, the greenest girl in the school, would get herself into heaps of trouble; advice column ''Mother Tells You How'' would provide wise words on how to pack for a holiday weekend; ''Concerning You'' would reveal how to choose the most flattering spectacles and the Girl Picture Gallery of lovely paintings to cut out and keep would feature pin-ups of the day such as Humphrey Lyttelton and Princess Margaret, and a variety of delightful woodland creatures and garden birds.